RAW iGaming Partners with Digitain in New Venture

RAW iGaming, best known for its bold approach to online slots, recently partnered with Digitain, expanding the distribution and reach of its games. This collaboration allows operators using Digitain’s advanced platform to access RAW’s popular titles, known for their immersive gameplay and innovative features.

RAW iGaming’s distinct game development strategy involves unique mechanics and bonus features, combined with engaging design and audio. Their portfolio, now accessible on Digitain, includes top games like “Ave Caesar,” “Raging Super2Ways,” and “Twisted Toy TalesTM.” These games showcase RAW’s inventive concepts such as SuperSlice®, SuperTracks®, and SuperSymbolsTM, which offer a fresh twist on traditional slot mechanisms.

The synergy between Digitain’s dedication to innovation and RAW iGaming’s creative game development forms a robust partnership. Tom Wood, RAW’s Founder and CEO, emphasized their focus on distinctiveness without compromising on simplicity. He noted that while players are open to new experiences, they prefer games that are straightforward and entertaining. Wood expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Digitain, highlighting its potential to broaden their games’ reach across both established and emerging operators. Wood said:

“Players like to try new things, but they are not willing to spend time and money learning something entirely new. They want to play, and they want to be entertained, and we ensure that’s the case when they engage with any one of our titles. “This partnership with Digitain is a big step forward as it significantly increases the reach of our games among prestigious operators as well as challenger brands looking for something new.”

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