GCGRA Strengthens Team with New Head of Investigations

Edward Aylward has joined the General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) of the United Arab Emirates, which was founded earlier this year, as the Head of Investigations, in a calculated effort to strengthen the team. This latest appointment is in keeping with the authority’s objective to expedite regulatory supervision in the rapidly expanding gaming industry.

Aylward’s Extensive Gaming Supervision Experience

With an extensive background in the gaming division of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Edward Aylward, a former US lieutenant and head of the section responsible for investigations, offers a lot of knowledge to his new position. As a lieutenant, Aylward successfully oversaw more than seventy policemen who were responsible for executing criminal laws and exercising regulatory control over seven casinos.

Aylward is a specialist in background checks, law enforcement, investigative writing, and administrative administration. In his prior position, he also oversaw property control and evidence, demonstrating his thorough comprehension of the nuances of gaming operations.

“I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Head of Investigations at General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority!” Aylward posted on LinkedIn, sharing how excited he was about this next phase of his career.

GCGRA, led by CEO Kevin Mullally and Chairman Jim Murren, seeks to create strong regulatory frameworks for the gaming sector in the United Arab Emirates. The selection of Aylward as the Head of Investigations is indicative of the authority’s dedication to upholding honesty and following industry norms.

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Although the UAE has not yet formally referred to gaming facilities as casinos, there has been a noticeable change in the country’s attitude toward the gaming sector. The country is well-positioned to take advantage of the prospects provided by the gambling industry, as seen by the ongoing plans for a Wynn facility on Al Marjan Island.

Although casino resorts have not yet received approval, recent changes suggest that the UAE is becoming more accepting of the gambling sector. With an eye on the UAE’s potential, MGM Resorts voiced excitement over the country’s gambling legalization. As regulatory organizations like GCGRA actively determine the future of gaming in the area, the sector expects revolutionary developments.

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