Slotegrator’s Guide to Safer iGaming Operations

Slotegrator emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity for online casinos and sportsbooks in a new guide. With the digital age bringing both convenience and risks, cybercrime has become a major concern, especially in iGaming. Cyberattacks in this sector are increasing rapidly, causing financial and reputational harm to businesses.

The average cost of these cyber incidents for operators is around £3.1 million. More than just financial loss, these attacks compromise the personal data of players, which can lead to further security breaches in their personal accounts. Given the stakes, Slotegrator Academy has prepared an article outlining the various types of cyberattacks and how to counter them.

To safeguard your iGaming business, Slotegrator recommends a few key strategies. First, keep all software updated. Updates often include critical security patches that protect against new threats. Second, ensure your staff is well-trained in cybersecurity. Human error is a common factor in successful cyberattacks, so a well-informed team is a strong defense line.

Another essential step is penetration testing. By hiring experts to attempt to breach your systems, you can identify and fix vulnerabilities before malicious hackers exploit them. Ensuring legal compliance is also crucial. Licensed operators are less vulnerable to attacks and can seek help from authorities if needed.

Lastly, invest in secure technology. Basic tools like CAPTCHA and advanced solutions like Cloudflare for DDoS attack protection are vital. Up-to-date and robust infrastructure is less likely to be targeted by cybercriminals. Slotegrator’s guide provides a fundamental blueprint for protecting your iGaming business from these growing digital threats

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