MGC Chairperson Raises Red Flag on Responsible Gambling Tool Utilization

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), chaired by Catherine Judd-Stein, recently received the Q3 results of sports wagering from Caesars Sportsbook, DraftKings, PSI, and WynnBet.

During an engaging discussion, Jake List, Senior Director of Regulatory Operations at DraftKings, revealed that just 0.1% of their clientele regularly used time limitations. Even more depressing were the figures for deposit and spending restrictions, which showed only 2.3% and 0.13% involvement, respectively. Just 0.4% of users imposed wager restrictions.

Chair Judd-Stein encouraged DraftKings to improve the use of responsible gambling tools by taking immediate action, expressing worry about the dismal numbers. “The patrons just aren’t utilizing” these capabilities, she said, underscoring the significance of making them more enticing to consumers. In response, List emphasized their continued efforts to de-stigmatize these instruments and disclosed that the ostensibly tiny numbers really accounted for thousands of people.

Combatting Underage Betting

During the public hearing, the operators stated that there were either zero or only a few cases of minors betting. Commissioners looked into the steps these platforms were taking to detect and handle these incidents, particularly when it came to kids utilizing adult accounts to gamble.

Caesars Digital’s Compliance Manager, Curtis Lane Jr., recognized the difficulty of the undertaking but identified certain potential warning signs, such as sudden geographical or IP address changes. DraftKings revealed details on their cutting-edge Know Your Customer features, which include a geo-compliant function that compares players’ phones to other registered users. This technique aids in identifying devices connected to their network.

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The operators testified at the public hearing that there were either none or very few instances of underage betting. Commissioners investigated the measures these platforms were taking to identify and address these events, especially in relation to children using adult accounts for gambling purposes.

Curtis Lane Jr., Compliance Manager at Caesars Digital, acknowledged the challenges of the project but pointed out certain possible red flags, such abrupt changes in IP address or location. DraftKings disclosed information on their state-of-the-art Know Your Customer capabilities, such as a geo-compliant technology that matches players’ phones with those of other customers who have registered. This method helps them recognize the devices that are linked to their network.

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