Veteran Online Casino Marketing Specialist Completes Game-Changing Revamp

After a major rebranding campaign, Kinetic Digital replaced Prime Gaming as the industry leader in online casino marketing. The goal of this makeover, which includes a new logo and a complete redesign of the aesthetic, is to bring the brand into line with its basic principles and demonstrate how it has changed over the years.

Embracing Dynamism with Kinetic Digital

Transmitting a sense of vitality and advancement inside the organization was the driving force behind the rebranding endeavor. The Greek term “Kineticos,” which denotes the cooperation of dynamic forces to generate motion, serves as the inspiration for the new name, Kinetic Digital. It exhibits the dynamic attitude among the team members and the company’s dedication to growth and ongoing development.

Kinetic Digital (formerly Prime Gaming), with more than 20 years of expertise in the online gaming sector, is an expert in implementing multi-brand strategies in regulated areas like as the UK, Spain, and Canada-Ontario. The firm wants to achieve even more in the dynamic online gaming market, and this is reflected in the rebranding.

Prime Partners Retains Identity Amid Transformation

Prime Partners, the company’s affiliate program, will continue to operate under its current name and branding during this transition. Prime Partners is still one of the most well-known affiliate networks in the market, representing big names like LordPing, Genting Casino, Slingo, SpinGenie, and MegaCasino.

Rachel Regev, VP Marketing & Operations at Kinetic Digital, expressed the motivation behind the rebrand, stating, “Our motivation at Kinetic Digital is rooted in daring endeavors, continuously challenging ourselves, and fostering a collaborative environment. We emphasize growth, progression, and working together, celebrating the journey as much as the milestones.”

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Kinetic Digital’s rebranding reflects a dedication to flexibility, dynamism, and a forward-thinking strategy in the dynamic digital world, particularly as the online gaming industry continues to change.

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