Detroit Casino Council Secures Historic Five-Year Contract Following 32-Day Strike

The Detroit Casino Council (DCC) and MGM Grand Detroit, Motor City Casino, and Hollywood at Greek Town have reached a ground-breaking five-year contract deal following a month-long strike. To end the strike, the unions are seeking member ratification.

3,700 workers are covered by this historic settlement, which shows a major commitment to Detroit’s future. The largest pay increases in the 23-year history of the Detroit casino sector are included in the deal, which was negotiated by the United Auto Workers. Along with essential clauses like no increases in health care costs, workload reductions, job safeguards, technological contract wording, retirement hikes, and more, the deal includes immediate pay boosts of an average of 18%.

Workers’ Advocacy Amidst Industry Challenges

Employees at Detroit casinos made sacrifices throughout the epidemic to keep the business going despite years of hardship. The strike materialized as a concerted attempt to confront substantial salary increases in the face of inflation and win crucial work rights, despite record-high revenues. This agreement serves as evidence of the workforce’s tenacity and resolve.

Bruce Dall, president of MotorCity Casino Hotel, expressed optimism, stating, “We take pride in providing exceptional jobs and benefits that support and reward our dedicated workforce, and we look forward to ratification of the deal.”

Beyond Detroit, the proposed settlement is significant because it represents a national union workers’ triumph amidst a historic wave of strikes. The aforementioned tendency has yielded significant benefits for laborers in the United States across many sectors, highlighting the influence of collective bargaining in enhancing labor conditions.

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The casino unions highlighted how jobs in Detroit’s casinos were changing and that it was no longer as easy to get into one of the higher-paying service sector roles.

An interesting change from the previous agreement is that, despite a period of higher inflation, the casino council agreed to accept salary increases of 3% from 2020 to 2023. This extension, which takes into account the changing nature of labor discussions in the gaming business, expands on a five-year contract that was started in 2015.

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