DigitalEjis Launches a Software for Predicting Gambling Addiction

The cutting-edge research and development firm DigitalEjis Limited has unveiled a ground-breaking software program that can precisely estimate a person’s risk of becoming addicted to gambling—even before they place their first wager. The innovative technology is intended to tackle the widespread problem of addiction in digital businesses, beginning with the gambling and gaming industry.

Drawing from a wealth of scientific research from internationally recognized institutions and enhanced by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), DigitalEjis’ software is unique in that it is the first tool in the world that can predict the onset of pathological gambling addiction in people who have never gambled.

In addition to predicting addiction, the program tracks betting activity in real time. This gives operators the ability to proactively stop players’ mental health from declining. When addiction is detected, the method enables expert help to be digitally supplied to players who are experiencing difficulties.

Working with operators and regulators to provide a secure, entertaining, and responsible gaming environment is DigitalEjis’ main goal. The startup hopes to assist in tailoring betting experiences to protect the most vulnerable populations while guaranteeing that no one’s enjoyment is harmed by giving operators the ability to better understand their players.

The unique feature of DigitalEjis is its predictive methodology, which sets it distinct from other programs that mainly diagnose addiction after compulsive gambling behavior has already started. The gadget from DigitalEjis steps in early and may stop addiction from getting worse.

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The CEO of DigitalEjis, Ian McLoughlin, stressed the moral obligation of arming operators with resources to improve player safety from the moment they engage in gaming. The company’s offering, which uses scientific insights to create a healthy gaming culture, offers a substantial breakthrough in player safety.

More than fifteen professionals from top psychology and neuroscience universities make up the DigitalEjis team. They have spent years studying addiction, and in partnership with Ian McLoughlin and his group, they have turned this scientific knowledge into an innovative solution.

Lead Scientist Dr. Aleksandar Matic praised the program for combining cutting-edge algorithms, data, and psychological and computational neuroscience insights to transform the field of addiction science. He underlined the tool’s capacity to identify gambling addiction at the individual level prior to the placement of a single wager, enabling preventative steps for the welfare of society.

Francesco Gaziano, CMO and Business Development lead at DigitalEjis, expressed pride in the market response since the beginning of the football season. The company is gearing up to announce national and international partnerships with gambling companies committed to leading the way in player protection from the outset of customer interaction.

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