USPTO Rules in Favor of Acres Against IGT

the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has sided with casino technology specialist Acres in a patent dispute against international software supplier IGT. The dispute centered on Acres’ Foundation casino management system, which IGT claimed infringed upon its patents.

John Acres, the founder of Acres and a recognized figure in the American Gaming Association (AGA), expressed his views on the USPTO’s decision. He stated that the ruling not only favors his team but also supports their casino customers by avoiding potential price increases for the Foundation system. Acres was critical of IGT’s decision to assert these patents, suggesting that they should never have been challenged in the first place.

The dispute originated from IGT’s allegation that Acres’ Foundation system, a leading solution for casino management offering cashless services, violated four of IGT’s over 200 patents. In response to these claims, Acres called for a reexamination of these patents by the USPTO. The outcome of this reexamination was favorable for Acres, confirming that the Foundation system, including its latest upgrade to Foundation HQ, did not breach IGT’s intellectual property.

This ruling is crucial as it upholds Acres’ dedication to legal integrity and innovation in the field of casino technology. It highlights the company’s commitment to providing advanced solutions that differentiate their partners from competitors in the gaming industry.

It is not the first major blow of the year that IGT has faced. Earlier this year, the UK’s High Court court backed with a UKGC’s decision, putting an end to IGT’s litigation for the fourth National Lottery license.

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