Holland Casino Faces Regulatory Action Following Compliance Dispute

After a protracted legal battle with the Netherlands Gambling Authority (KSA), Holland Casino is facing possible sanctions, such as fines or potentially the revocation of its iGaming license. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) first contacted Holland Casino in late 2021, claiming that the operator’s Control Database (CBD) did not comply with Dutch regulatory standards, which are essential for precise data storage pertaining to gaming operations.

The KSA carried out testing in September 2022 after their December 2021 concerns, for which they had received guarantees from Holland Casino on the remedy of the matter. However, the review procedure was hampered by incomplete and delayed document submissions. There were difficulties in the testing that happened in November and December as well; problems remained unsolved.

Verification Period and Ongoing Challenges

Even after a verification period ended in January 2023, further problems surfaced, particularly with the quality of player data and the use of the CBD data model. While acknowledging Holland Casino’s attempts to resolve issues, the KSA voiced displeasure and suggested a legally enforceable directive. Following testing in May that fell short of KSA’s expectations, binding action was announced in June.

The binding action was challenged by Holland Casino, who requested a temporary injunction in order to halt the six-week compliance period. The six-week term was reinstated when the District Court of The Hague recently denied the motion. The KSA continues to hold that Holland Casino has to comply with certain requirements within this period or else it would be subject to regulatory repercussions, which could include penalties or the cancellation of its iGaming license.

The regulatory conflict highlights how crucial compliance is in the recently regulated online gambling sector in the Netherlands, which opened for business in October 2021. Holland Casino, a well-known operator in the area, is an example of the difficulties and strict regulation that come with developing iGaming countries as it struggles to match its CBD with legal requirements.

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