GamCare’s Youth Program Celebrates 100,000 Participants

GamCare, an organization that works to solve problem gambling in society, has announced that 100,000 young people have been effectively contacted and educated through its Youth Program. This is a noteworthy accomplishment. The Youth Program is a significant effort that aims to empower youth workers, teachers, and other professionals with the knowledge necessary to steer young people away from the negative effects of gambling. It is sponsored by regional suppliers Aquarius, Beacon, NECA, and Ara.

As a component of the larger Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Program, which was created in association with Ygam, GamCare’s Youth Program held training sessions for educators and professionals. The aim was to equip them with the necessary skills to identify and manage gambling-related problems among youth, who are classified as a high-risk demographic. The program has been extremely successful, and regulations have been implemented throughout Europe to prohibit gaming enterprises from focusing on persons who are younger than a specific age.

Impacts and Awareness

In addition to reaching 100,000 youth, GamCare’s Youth Program taught 25,000 professionals, improving their capacity to recognize and manage gambling-related issues. The program has been crucial in increasing young people’s understanding of the dangers of gambling. Head of Youth at GamCare Alexa Roseblade emphasized the significance of the accomplishment, stressing the need of giving young people accurate information, assisting them in making educated decisions, and encouraging them to ask for assistance when necessary.

Participants’ comments, which included Jacob, a member of the Youth Advisory Board, highlighted the difficulties in treating gambling addiction in young people. One of the most important first steps in treating the problem is to start having talks and conversations about the risks associated with problem gambling. The Youth Program seeks to tell young people about options and support services that can help them overcome their addiction to gambling in addition to educating them about the hazards.

According to official data from the UK, 2.4% of young people are at risk of developing a gambling disease and 0.9% of them are presently struggling with problem gambling. GamCare’s Youth Program offers a proactive strategy to keep young people safe and informed about the possible risks associated with gambling, which is in line with larger initiatives to address these issues.

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