Venetian and Palazzo Resorts Revise Smoking Policy at Gaming Tables

Notable changes have been made to the Venetian and Palazzo casinos in Las Vegas. These changes will align their gaming table smoking rules with those of other Wynn casinos hotels. With the exception of some non-smoking tables, this change—which was announced in an internal letter on November 6—will allow guests at the Venetian and Palazzo to smoke at gaming tables.

“Starting Monday, Nov. 6, the company will reinstate the smoking policy on the casino floor which will permit the smoking of cigarettes, cigars, and vapes at all table games on the casino floors at The Venetian and the Palazzo,” reads an internal document that the Las Vegas Review-Journal was able to get. The message further stresses how strictly prohibiting marijuana items on the property is still in place.

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The letter also states that visitors desiring a smoke-free atmosphere may ask to be seated at a non-smoking table. A supervisor of table games or a higher authority will assist this request in order to accommodate the various preferences of guests.

The resort company claims that these modifications were made in response to suggestions on its smoking policy. The update seeks to keep them ahead of the competition.

Reflecting the Wynn Approach

This policy adjustment is in line with Wynn and Encore Las Vegas’s policy, which allows players to approach an empty table and ask for it to be marked as a non-smoking area. A “non-smoking” sign is put on the table in response to this kind of request, creating a smoke-free gaming area.

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Although there are benefits to the resorts’ updated smoking policies, advocacy organizations have criticized them. The new regulation has been deemed inadequate by the well-known organization Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights to meet the health concerns of both casino personnel and patrons. The organization’s President and CEO, Cynthia Hallett, claims that rules that just prohibit smoking in some areas are insufficient to reduce the dangers associated with secondhand smoke, which does not respect borders.

She remarked, “Secondhand smoke respects no boundaries, and allowing smoking in designated areas cannot cloak the pervasive risks it poses. It’s also troubling that under Wynn’s policy, table game dealers must rely on the awareness of patrons regarding this unadvertised rule and hope that they opt for a smoke-free gaming experience.”

The Venetian and Palazzo’s revised policies have prompted discussion on health and safety in casino facilities, even if they try to accommodate a range of interests. It goes without saying that in the days to come, the effects and reception of this move will be widely watched.

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