PlayOJO Launches Safer Gambling Campaign “Too much of ANYTHING can be bad”

PlayOJO, an online casino known for its commitment to safe gaming practices, is launching an innovative campaign echoing the timeless adage “Too much of ANYTHING can be bad,” to coincide with the upcoming Safer Gambling Week starting on November 6th.

This campaign is a continuation of PlayOJO’s dedication to promoting safer gambling and will feature a series of four engaging videos. These videos will be distributed across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as a detailed blog post.

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Highlighting the potential pitfalls of excess, the videos will illustrate seven humorous yet cautionary tales where an excess of seemingly positive activities—like excessive sleep, prolonged bathing, excessive indoor living, overexposure to the sun, too much caffeine, an overload of spicy food, and even eating too many carrots, leading to orange-tinted skin—can lead to unfavorable outcomes.

PlayOJO aims to strike a balance between engaging content and serious messaging, constantly reminding its audience to maintain a healthy relationship with gambling. The campaign is designed to be both entertaining and informative, underscoring the core message of moderation.

The online casino, which operates on the SkillOnNet platform, has been a frontrunner in advocating for Safer Gambling. They offer a suite of tools and resources, such as Safe Mate, to help players get a transparent view of their gaming activities. This tool is instrumental in helping players monitor their habits, set and stick to budgets, and quickly identify any concerning changes in their gambling behavior.

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In a statement, Peter Bennett, the CMO at PlayOJO, affirmed the casino’s support for Safer Gambling Week: “We are longstanding supporters of Safer Gambling Week and like previous years, this year we wanted to run an additional paid social campaign to increase awareness significantly. We believe this unique and playful campaign captures our brand’s essence while delivering a serious message about the need for players to control their gambling – because ultimately, too much of anything can be harmful.”

If you are interested in the campaign, you can view one of the videos below taken from PlayOJO’s YouTube channel:

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