Legal Battle Unfolds as Unibet Faces Reimbursement Demands

The scenario is set for a high-stakes legal confrontation following a radical change in Dutch gambling laws in October 2021 that legalized internet gaming. Those who suffered significant losses before this regulation shift are now filing lawsuits, arguing that their losses were unfair. A major participant in the market, Unibet, is preparing to appeal the decision, which can lead to a future review of the case.

Company’s Unauthorized Operations Come Under Scrutiny

The court’s decision is unmistakable: Unibet is ordered to return €93,000 ($99,902) to a resentful player, while another unnamed corporation will have to pay back an even greater sum of €124,000 ($133,203). Due to the defendants’ inability to provide a counterargument, these rulings have been classified as defaults. However, Unibet is quick to clarify that it was an unintentional mistake that caused this quiet and that it plans to enforce its legal rights.

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Legal counsel representing a number of discouraged gamblers, including those in these instances, Benzi Loonstein, expressed delight with the court’s ruling. But he expects a protracted judicial struggle. The justices agreed with Loonstein’s reasoning in both cases, indicating that Unibet would have a difficult time overturning the decision.

In simple terms, lawyer Benzi Loonstein aptly summarized the situation: “Simply put, if a company acts contrary to the law, it is not entitled to the money earned.”

There are other nations outside the Netherlands that are juggling claims related to comparable losses. Similar lawsuits have also been filed in Germany and Austria recently, with an amazing success record of almost 100%. Gambling corporations have already been forced to forfeit tens of millions of euros due to thousands of lawsuits. The fundamental idea is rather obvious: businesses that break the law shouldn’t benefit from their operations. This prevalent legal trend emphasizes how important it is to follow changing gambling laws in order to maintain an atmosphere that is both fair and responsible for gaming.

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