Konami Gaming and Xailient Revolutionize the Casino Industry with SYNK Vision

Konami Gaming and Xailient have introduced SYNK Vision, a game-changing partnership that aims to revolutionize player tracking and improve damage reduction in the casino sector. Through this agreement, the state-of-the-art AI face recognition technology from Xailient is combined with the well-known SYNKROS casino management system from Konami Gaming.

SYNK Vision Redefines the Casino Experience

SYNK Vision is not just about convenience; it’s a revolutionary concept that prioritizes security, player privacy, and responsible gaming. Here are some key highlights of this groundbreaking innovation:

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  • Cardless Login: SYNK Vision simplifies the player experience. Players can sit down at a slot machine or table game and be automatically identified and logged into the player tracking system without the need for physical player loyalty cards. It eliminates the hassle of remembering, inserting, or presenting cards.
  • Anonymous Player Tracking and Bonusing: This feature preserves player privacy while offering personalized rewards and bonuses. SYNK Vision pioneers the concept of anonymous player tracking, creating a more inclusive and exciting gaming environment.
  • Advanced Harm Minimization Measures: The system employs state-of-the-art AI algorithms to identify and address potential harmful behaviors on the gaming floor. It tracks both known and anonymous players, providing proactive alerts to staff when signs of distress are detected. This enhances player safety and well-being by enabling timely interventions.
  • AML Tracking with Secure Identity Management: The partnership integrates advanced technology to facilitate anti-money laundering (AML) tracking of all players while ensuring secure identity management. This not only ensures regulatory compliance but also safeguards against fraudulent activities, benefiting both casinos and patrons.

Konami Gaming’s Senior Vice President and Chief Systems Product Officer, Tom Soukup, underlined the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technology to the casino sector. According to him, SYNK Vision is a big step in the right direction toward increasing operational effectiveness, boosting guest satisfaction, and giving harm reduction and responsible gaming first priority.

Joe Mayer, Konami Gaming’s Systems Sales and Operations Manager for the Asia-Pacific area, emphasized the significance of SYNK Vision in adjusting to the changing regulatory environment. It seeks to redefine the future of gaming while offering all gamers in the Asia-Pacific area a fun and safe gaming experience.

Xailient’s CEO, Lars Oleson, conveyed the company’s enthusiasm for using AI to provide meaningful solutions. The partnership with Konami Gaming is a big step in changing the market, improving the consumer experience, and guaranteeing safe gaming practices.

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SYNK Vision aims to bring in a new age of player tracking, ease, and responsible gambling, which will completely transform the casino business. It is evidence of Konami Gaming’s and Xailient’s dedication to improving the overall gaming experience while guaranteeing players’ security and welfare.

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