Fujitsu Launches Lighthouse Initiative for iGaming

Fujitsu has today announced the launch of the Lighthouse Initiative to promote growth in the iGaming industry by connecting technology trends with business growth. The program invites companies to pitch their innovative ideas in AI, data science, and containerization.

To participate, companies can fill out an application on Fujitsu’s website and prepare a simple presentation that shows how their ideas relate to these tech trends. Fujitsu plans to support chosen companies by guiding them and providing access to a pool of resources that could include up to €100,000 in funding and help from Fujitsu’s innovation team.

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The initiative also offers a platform where companies can test their new applications in AI, data, and containers without any risk. Fujitsu aims to use this initiative to push the iGaming industry forward with new technology and help companies create influential new products and services.

Nick McDonald, Fujitsu’s Account Director, says, “AI, data science, and containerization will change how we do business, and we want iGaming companies to lead this change. With our resources and the DX Innovation Platform, we can help turn new ideas into reality. We’re ready to embrace these technologies and the positive impact they’ll have.”

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