Microgaming Celebrates Decade of Educational Support

Microgaming is about to mark the 10-year anniversary of its PlayItForward Education Bursary. Since its inception, this initiative has dedicated itself to uplifting Isle of Man’s young stars by ensuring that financial limitations don’t hinder their academic pursuits.

In 2014, a partnership between Microgaming and the Isle of Man’s Department of Education, Sport, and Culture (DESC) gave birth to this commendable programme. With its help, many young students on the island have enjoyed the chance to further their education without financial worry.

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The Bursary’s role isn’t confined to just bearing academic expenses. It also shoulders the responsibility of accommodation and vital living costs. Over its tenure, it’s been a pillar for 36 students to navigate through university life. Out of these, 24 have successfully graduated and ventured into various professional fields including healthcare, teaching, commerce, and, of course, gaming.

Further enhancing its community-driven objective, the Bursary, with Microgaming’s backing, has provided summer work placements for 11 beneficiaries. This hands-on experience is invaluable, furnishing their resumes while simultaneously providing a taste of the dynamic iGaming sector.

Microgaming ensures that during these placements, students are nurtured and mentored by dedicated teams. This mentoring doesn’t just stop at graduation. The company’s commitment continues, as seen by the job opportunities offered to several alumni.

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Reflecting on the undeniable impact of the PlayItForward Education Bursary, it’s clear that Microgaming takes immense pride in the life trajectories they’ve helped shape. Their vision encompasses not just the successes of the past decade but also the promise of continued assistance for the future talent of the Isle of Man.

Tim Johnston MHK, the Minister for Enterprise, stated, ‘The Island Plan emphasizes the importance of top-tier education. It’s crucial for personal growth and forms the backbone of our societal and economic accomplishments. The consistent support from the Microgaming PlayItForward Education Bursary mirrors this vision, fostering a brighter career path for many over the years.’

Echoing this sentiment, Kate Moughtin, Senior CSR Manager at Microgaming, shared, “Microgaming holds a steadfast belief in nurturing Isle of Man’s future talents. We’re grateful to every individual who’s championed the PlayItForward Bursary. A decade in, we’ve seen remarkable transformations, and we’re keen to witness the future accomplishments of our island’s emerging talents.”

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