Betting and Gaming Council Backs UK Government’s 1% Gambling Levy Proposal

The UK government’s proposed 1% gambling fee has received the full endorsement of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC). This choice is a result of the industry’s continuous dedication to dealing with problem gambling and reducing its negative impacts.

A spokesperson for the BGC highlighted the industry’s dedication to addressing the issue, stating, “BGC members pledged £100m over four years to fund Research, Education, and Treatment (RET) services to help prevent gambling-related harm and tackle problem gambling, which is paid through a unique voluntary levy scheme. They have gone further and will have donated £110m by March 2024, helping to protect the vital work of third sector RET providers.”

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Enhancing Responsibility and Oversight

The BGC actively put up this suggestion to the government prior to the White Paper and not only supports the notion of a required levy. The business community has made significant contributions to RET throughout the past 20 years. However, it considers that all operators, including the National Lottery, should be subject to an obligatory tax. This guarantees that all types of gambling are included in the levy’s scope and reduces problem gambling—even in the context of things like scratch cards and instant win games.

Furthermore, the BGC supports a tax that is applied on a sliding scale, allowing land-based businesses to contribute a reduced amount. This recognizes the distinct difficulties encountered by independent bookmakers, who have failed to bounce back after the pandemic while accumulating disproportionately large fixed costs.

The BGC also emphasizes the significance of rigorous control to ensure that levy money are being distributed to charities and organizations who are legitimately providing RET services. This supervision is necessary to preserve long-term, sustainable financing and to protect the current third-sector service providers who are essential to combating problem gambling.

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The BGC’s backing of the 1% gambling levy demonstrates the industry’s determination to promoting responsible gambling and reducing the suffering brought on by problem gaming.

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