Local Businesses Anxious as Catawba Nation’s Casino Project Hits Roadblocks

The Catawba Nation-backed Kings Mountain Casino project is experiencing delays, which have local business owners worried about how it would affect their clientele.

Construction work has been significantly held down due to a conflict with the project developer, which has local business owners concerned about the future. Given the popularity of the temporary casino, which has been open for the previous two years, the idea of a fully functional permanent casino has been eagerly anticipated.

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A Sign of Stalled Progress

The outward evidence of the ongoing building activities that are lasting longer than expected is the mound of dirt behind the temporary casino. The promise of a larger, permanent casino still exists, even though Catawba Two Kings, the casino’s owners, have claimed sizable audiences and occasionally significant winnings at the temporary facility.

Grover area business owners who presently do not have access to slot machines are hoping that the inauguration of the permanent casino would attract more customers and boost their sales. We are off the usual road, so we are optimistic about the possible effect,” said Linda Brackett, owner of the eatery Carolina Crossings. Around us, not much exists.

Despite the delays, local businesses have already noticed a rise in customers, which is thanks to the employees building the long-term resort and casino. According to Linda Brackett, “We are seeing about a 25% to 30% increase already.” Business owners like Brackett predict that after the renovation is finished, they might see another significant increase in customer traffic, possibly up to 30%.

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The continuous conflict between the Catawba Nation and their selected developer is mostly to blame for the project’s substantial delay. Initially, it was planned for the permanent casino’s development to start in 2022 and be finished by the Catawba Nation this year. The completion date for the 400-bed resort was projected to fall between 2024 and 2025. Now, these deadlines have been extended for two more years.

Stakeholders have been reassured by the Catawba Nation Chief that efforts are being made to resolve the conflict and forward the project. In the near future, there is a promise of demonstrable change, providing local companies and community people fresh optimism.

The casino operated by the Catawba Nation opened in July 2021 and already boasts 1,000 gaming machines, including electronic table games. The goal of having a successful casino in Kings Mountain still exists, despite the difficulties.

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