Kindred Partners with Sper to Promote Responsible Gaming

Kindred, a well-known participant in the gambling business, and Sper, a network of Swedish gambling providers, have teamed together in a big effort to promote responsible gaming. Kindred’s choice to join Sper’s network is consistent with their dedication to preserving a wholesome and secure gaming industry in Sweden.

Kindred’s intention was stated by Nils Andén, interim president and chief executive officer: “Kindred wants to be part of the work together with industry, regulatory authorities, and other actors to create a healthy and safe gaming market.” This demonstrates Kindred’s intention to take an active role in promoting an ethical gaming culture in Sweden.

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He underlined the value of having a grounded and involved local operation. Kindred hopes to improve the efforts they have already started toward responsible gaming by partnering with Sper. Kindred is happy to work with industry participants and share the burden of responsibility for the expansion and advancement of the gaming sector in Sweden.

Sper’s CEO, Maria Wennerberg Sedigh, also shared her perspective on Kindred’s decision to join the network, saying, “We are positive Kindred joins Sper and wants to be involved and take joint responsibility for the development in the gaming industry. The fact that Kindred joins Sper shows that the issue of a sustainable and healthy gaming industry is taken very seriously.”

Kindred’s Pledge to Responsible Gambling

Kindred’s partnership with Sper is evidence of its greater dedication to promoting ethical gaming and protecting the welfare of its patrons. The business has made it a top goal to lessen problem gambling and safeguard its customers. “The journey towards zero,” the explicit objective that Kindred has established, is for 0% of income to come from problem gambling.

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Kindred’s choice to work with Sper shows a shared commitment to ensure that gaming is a fun and secure pastime for all players in a gambling business where ethics and accountability have become crucial.

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