Spiffbet Launches Supersnabbt.se, A New Online Casino Destination for Sweden

A well-known name in the online gaming industry, Spiffbet, has released Supersnabbt.se, its newest product, with a specific focus on the Swedish market. This new website will provide a large selection of online casino alternatives and is prepared to serve Swedish gamers. Supernopea.com, another Spiffbet portal that already serves gamers in neighboring Finland, will coexist alongside Supersnabbt.se. In addition to these platforms, Spiffbet also runs Metal Casino in several markets and administers Turbovegas in both Sweden and Finland.

Henrik Svensson, the CEO of Spiffbet, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic move, saying, “It’s exciting to launch a brand that seamlessly complements our existing brand portfolio. We have Supernopea.com for Finland and Turbovegas, which has a broader presence covering both Sweden and Finland. However, until now, we lacked a dedicated local brand for Sweden.”

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Svensson stressed Supernopea.com’s dominance as a domestic brand in Finland that serves as the cornerstone of their casino business. Supersnabbt.se is entering the Swedish market with a unique offering, therefore expectations are high.

Shifting Focus and Streamlining Operations

This launch comes in response to Spiffbet’s strategic choice, taken in August, to sell its game production company to Million Games, a Swedish gaming studio. As part of Spiffbet’s transformation in response to evolving industry dynamics, the sale of this segment has a value of up to SEK3.5 million. A liquidation study was conducted after the game development sector stopped making a major contribution to Spiffbet’s activities throughout the course of the previous year. This action fits with Spiffbet’s new strategy as it switches from game creation to an exclusive concentration on online casino operations. Once the agreement is signed, Spiffbet will focus all of its efforts on running its online casinos profitably.

In addition, as part of the transition, Spiffbet will provide players with access to the games included in the deal at free cost for a year following their integration into the Million Games platform. This customer-focused strategy highlights Spiffbet’s dedication to guaranteeing a smooth experience for its player community throughout this transformational phase.

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