BogdanCazino: Romania’s Trusted Guide in the World of Online Casinos

In 2021, Romania’s gambling market, which is still in its relative infancy, witnessed a historic surge. The industry crossed half a billion Euros in revenue for the first time—an incredible 56.7% of this, approximately €284 million, hailed from the online gambling market. In 2023 Revenue in the Online Casinos market is projected to reach €0.50 billion.

The rise in iGaming is a global phenomenon. Faster internet and more advanced gaming engines make creating and playing online more accessible on every level, locally and internationally. In Romania, investment in the industry has generated interest and promoted collaboration across countries and among sectors. Online comparison sites like BogdanCazino are integral to this landscape, providing an invaluable service to players in Romania’s online casino enthusiasts.

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Overall, about 2.4 million Romanians gamble at least once a year. According to Statista, in 2022 the Romanian lottery, Loteria Romana, was the most popular form of wagering followed by sports betting. That said, studies shows that approximately 1.3 million people engage with online gambling in Romania, with a third of the gamblers between 18 and 24. About 8% of adults gamble once a week, with most regular gamblers being single men coming from cities with an average income of €562.

In Romania, the 18,300 churches highlight the central role of Christianity, particularly the Romanian Orthodox Church, showcasing the importance of faith and tradition to many. At the same time, the surge in gambling venues from a single one in 1996 to 13,400 points to major changes in the country’s entertainment and economic spheres, potentially driven by legislative shifts, economic tactics, or changing cultural attitudes toward gambling.

Beyond Casino Comparisons – Upholding Transparency in Romanian iGaming 

With a team of industry experts, BogdanCazino offers more than just online casino comparisons. While its international presence continues to grow, its roots remain deep within the Romanian market, catering to gamers’ specific needs locally and globally.

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At the heart of lies its mission to uphold transparency in the Romanian iGaming market. Launched in 2019, its primary focus remains fixed on Romanian online casino players. The platform extends its expertise to help users compare and opt for the best casino offers, ensuring every decision is rooted in research. 

Where BogdanCazino distinguishes itself from other affiliates is its tailored approach to the Romanian audience. Unlike generic platforms, it offers insights and recommendations that reflect the preferences and trends of players in Romania. 

BogdanCazino is part of the Traffic Lab group (Romanian ONJN license decision number 292961 / 27.11.2019). Traffic Lab is one of the largest casino affiliates in Denmark. With an impactful presence across Europe and over 50+ affiliate sites for international markets in the iGaming domain, their stamp of reliability is unmistakable. Among nominations for EGR Power Affiliates 2022 and the EGR Nordics Awards 2023, they were recognized as the SiGMA Affiliate of the Year 2022.

The People Behind BogdanCazino’s Success

The editorial team at BogdanCazino comprises Homeghi Constantin, Andra Roman, Gelu Cosmescu, Amalia Florea, and George Stoleriu. With their unique specializations within online casinos, the team professionally curates, edits, and fact-checks content, ensuring its meticulous credibility. Their affiliation with global experts further amplifies the comprehensiveness of their coverage of diverse iGaming topics.

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Leading Traffic Lab is Sebastian Agerskov, an expert in the casino industry. With over a decade in the gambling sector, Agerskov’s legal background equips him with a deep understanding of the intricacies of industry legislation. His association with the Danish casino comparison site accentuates his authority in the field as he contributes as a content writer with his expert knowledge and therefore he often writes guests posts.

Taxation of iGaming in Romania 

In Romania, the tax and fee structure of online casinos and sportsbooks depends significantly on the operator’s turnover. With authorization fees, annual license fees, and contributions to the Public Foundation for Responsible Gaming, among others, Romania maintains a structured approach to iGaming taxation.

Somewhat uniquely, Romanian policy also taxes players’ online gaming winnings. This tax is structured in tiers, and tax reform earlier this year saw a significant increase in the percentage charged at each level. This mechanism ensures that the state benefits from the operators and the gaming activity’s successful players.

Notably, this month, recently proposed emergency ordinances regarding increased license fees and taxations will be up for consideration by member of the parliament and see a vote in the upcoming month.

The Future of Online Gaming In Romania 

Looking ahead, the future of online gaming in Romania is promising, but not without challenges. The development of cutting-edge gaming technologies and the rising access to game engines, matched by Romania’s commitment to investing in IT, means that VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) experiences will likely be more widely accessible. This will draw even more Romanian players to iGaming platforms. Increased competition among operators is another area that is likely to inspire growth, creating even more diversity of options. 

The industry’s expansion comes with noteworthy considerations. Romania, like many other countries, faces criticism related to the vulnerabilities created by the rise of online gaming. From difficulty verifying player ages to the potential for data breaches, the online gaming sector is on alert. Luckily, between embracing technology and staying diligent to the needs of Romanian gamers, the industry is likely to find the balance needed to continue to grow.  

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Closing Remarks 

The iGaming industry is on the rise globally, spurred by technological advancements. The  Romanian market is no exception. BogdanCazino, with its specific focus on local players, is an essential part of this incredible market. The expertise of the team, combined with the promise to provide a comprehensive and transparent guide to the world of online casinos, creates a leading resource for iGaming players.

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