Chicago Gaming Company Manager Sentenced in Bribery Scheme Involving Lawmakers

A key development is the five-and-a-half-year jail term that James T. Weiss, manager of a sweepstakes gaming corporation in Chicago, received for his participation in a complicated bribery conspiracy that involved two Illinois senators. The latest announcement from the Northern District of Illinois US Attorney’s Office highlights the negative effects of unethical behavior in the igaming sector.

When Terry Link and Luis Arroyo, two former Illinois state senators, were involved in a bribery plot, it put James T. Weiss, the manager of the gambling firm College LLC, in the middle of it. Weiss was found guilty by a federal jury of making false statements and fraud in June, which launched the legal processes that resulted in his imprisonment.

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The Quest for Sweepstakes Legalization

Weiss wanted to grow his sweepstakes machine-based company, which led to his participation in the bribery conspiracy. He tried to bribe Arroyo in order to do this and thereby change the political climate. The objective was to win Arroyo’s support for the regulation of slot machines. It’s important to remember that at the time, these devices operated in a legal gray area because Illinois didn’t have any laws that directly addressed their usage.

An important part of this strategy was performed by Luis Arroyo, an Illinois House representative from 2006 to 2019. He admitted his involvement in the bribery scheme in 2022 and was consequently given a sentence of over five years in jail.

In 2018 and 2019, this complex bribery plot came to fruition. Weiss sent Arroyo, who was a State Representative at the time, thousands of cash from his gambling business. The money was sent to Chicago-based Spartacus 3 LLC, a private lobbying business run by Arroyo. Checks were used to make the payments, which were done in order to get Arroyo’s support for making sweepstakes machines lawful. The State Representative agreed to support pertinent legislation in the Illinois General Assembly in exchange for these payments.

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In August 2019, when Arroyo suggested extending the bribe payments to Terry Link, an Illinois State Senator at the time, the scam took an even more daring turn. According to the court records, Weiss made an effort to hide these payments by passing them off as compensation for “legitimate consulting work.” As part of this covert operation, two checks totalling $5,000 were written out to a fictional third party and presented to the Senator.

This phrase serves as a sobering reminder that, like all other industries, the gaming business must uphold the greatest standards of ethical behavior. The severity of the legal repercussions for anyone who violate these rules emphasizes the value of integrity in the gambling industry and beyond.

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