What’s Next for Online Casino Table Games?

The transition of table games into digital form kickstarted the online casino industry, and it evolved massively from there on. At one point, it looked like the classics like roulette and blackjack were set to be usurped by the rapidly advancing slots market, but recent developments have helped table games evolve massively as well.

Now that the best casino tables have been adapted for live streaming, there’s a sprawling audience for these titles. But where do they go from here? Is the transition to virtual reality right around the corner?

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Live Streamed Table Games Have Evolved Greatly

In the early days of digital table games, developers kept things simple. After all, in those days, players found novelty in simply being able to stake on options like roulette online. As the industry moved forward at lightning pace, though, these basic titles were not enough to satisfy modern players. They wanted more high tech advancements. The slots market provided this first, with those games getting countless additional features, themes, and mechanisms online. They were based on popular movies like Terminator 2 and came with symbols and cut scenes to allure fans of other media.

Developers realized that table games needed upgrading too, and there have been some huge leaps forward in the last few years. Live streaming has played a major role in boosting the popularity of table games, and now there are modern twists on classic offerings. For instance, when players play blackjack online, they will see loads of new variants such as Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack and Lightning Blackjack.

It’s likely that there will be many more fresh strains of table games in the future. However, in terms of technological integrations, the only thing that can upgrade live streaming now is virtual reality.

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Developers Ready to Integrate Virtual Reality

VR could be on the way to becoming mainstream, especially with major companies like JPMorgan opening branches in the metaverse. Experts have expected the technology to be more widely used over the next few years, and casino developers have already started contributing to this future. Microgaming, for instance, came up with the concept of VR Roulette back in 2015. It expected the VR boom to happen before the end of the last decade, and for online casinos to integrate it within a few years. This never came to fruition, but it highlighted how developers have already started branching out to explore how this hardware can be utilized.

VR could take table games to a new stage in their evolution, and possibly lead to a branch off into a unique form of gaming. The offerings that players know and love today will most likely still exist, but there could be fresh options for VR users to enjoy as well.

For the next few years, table games are likely to evolve with new strains of live offerings. Moving forward, these games will continue to be adapted for the new technology to match trends and developments within the industry, which could lead to a shift in how some people play online casino games.

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