GGPoker’s $50M Bounty Hunters Showdown Begins October 15

GGPoker has confirmed the comeback of its highly popular online tournament, the Bounty Hunters Series, in the World’s Biggest Poker Room. Starting on Sunday, October 15, the series is all about the strategy of poker players, blending the thrill of defeating rivals with the appeal of sizable bounty rewards. With prizes amounting to $50 million, the series will continue until November 6.

Taking inspiration from the era of the Wild West, the Bounty Hunters Series offers a unique gaming experience. Participants play the dual role of being the hunter and the hunted. While navigating these intense games, players have the opportunity to seize bounties, distinguishing themselves as the top poker players online.

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A notable addition to this year’s Bounty Hunters Series is the Daily $10K Bounty King Leaderboard. Throughout the series, players’ successes in knocking out opponents are recorded on this leaderboard. Every day, the player leading the leaderboard wins a $10,000 WSOP Paradise package. This feature infuses added thrill into the series, especially for those who consistently prove their expertise.

Sarne Lightman, the Managing Director of GGPoker, shared his perspective on the upcoming event. “The Bounty Hunters Series brings a distinct flavor to our poker games, reminiscent of the Wild West. Players have the option to enter as both a challenger and a target. With the introduction of the Daily $10K Bounty King Leaderboard, we’re offering even more opportunities for players to earn for their exceptional performance. It’ll be interesting to see who stands out in this series.”

Some of the Bounty Hunters Series highlights to look forward to are:

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  • $210 MYSTERY BOUNTY Main Event with a total bounty of $500K, a buy-in of $210, and a $5,000,000 guarantee.
  • Global MILLION$ Bounty Edition requiring a $50 buy-in and offering $1M guaranteed.
  • Exciting events like Speed Racer Power Hour.
  • Satellite games with entry fees as low as $1.

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