Sweden Takes a Stand Against Match-Fixing and will Join Macolin Convention

Sweden’s plans to join the Macolin Convention, also known as the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, have been made public by Niklas Wykman, Sweden’s Minister of Financial Markets, and Jakob Forssmed, Sweden’s Minister for Health and Social Affairs. The nation’s resolve to addressing this urgent issue was underscored by this declaration, which was made through the Swedish daily Expressen.

The Macolin Convention was established in 2014 as a global movement to stop match-fixing, a danger that jeopardizes the integrity of sports all around the world. To properly address the issue, this treaty requires governmental authorities to work closely with sports leagues and bookmakers. In order to build a united front against match-fixing, it also suggests a uniform legislative framework for international collaboration.

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Sweden’s Shift in Policy

A substantial change in policy may be seen in Sweden’s decision to join the Macolin Convention. The nation had previously decided to hold off on signing the agreement until it became a part of European legislation. However, progress has been slow on this front in Europe, with the Maltese government offering a particular challenge due to worries over the convention’s potential effects on the country’s gaming sector.

The Swedish ministers acknowledged this delay, stating, “In the years that have passed since the convention was drawn up, most other EU countries have chosen to join on their own. Sweden should have done that too.”

The CEO of the former state-owned gambling monopoly Svenska Spel, Patrik Hofbauer, has endorsed Sweden’s decision to join the Macolin Convention. He sees it as “an important and necessary step” in the fight against sports match-fixing.

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Hofbauer noted the good message that Sweden’s commitment to ratifying the Convention conveys. He has long argued in favor of this policy modification and feels that it is consistent with Svenska Spel’s ongoing initiatives to prevent match-fixing.

The Council against Match-Fixing was created in 2019 by the Swedish Gambling Authority as a body to combat match-fixing. Hofbauer expressed doubts about its efficacy, claiming that it functions more like a social group than a proactive task force.

In order to effectively collaborate in the fight against corruption, he underlined the significance of the Macolin Convention’s crystal-clear rules and institutions. Sweden’s dedication to upholding the integrity of sports is highlighted by the creation of a national platform that can take immediate action against match-fixing in accordance with the convention’s guiding principles.

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