Cell Phone Video Steers the Legal Tides in Ameristar Casino Lawsuit

The legal case between Georgia card counter, Joseph Shiraef, and Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk took yet another turn. A judge recently declined a motion to re-evaluate Shiraef’s case, which began in August. At its core, Shiraef alleges that he was wrongfully held by the casino’s staff. This action led to an unwanted interaction with the Colorado Gaming Commission over Shiraef’s lawful card-counting techniques.

This development, which transpired on October 4, has left legal circles buzzing. Many believe this could signal a tumultuous path for the defense, especially for Ameristar Casino and the ex-Colorado Gaming Commission agent, Joseph Nguyen.

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A significant piece of evidence is a cell phone video recorded by Shiraef. Featured on KDVR, a Fox affiliate, the footage reveals Nguyen incorrectly stating that card counting was illegal in Colorado. This video emphasizes the crux of Shiraef’s argument, which is his unjustified detainment and legal intimidation.

Validating Shiraef’s stand, a spokesperson from the Department of Revenue clarified that card counting is acceptable in Colorado if players rely solely on their cognitive abilities without external gadgets.

Having faced both financial and emotional repercussions from the incident, Shiraef’s lawsuit demands around $3 million in damages. Given the recent judicial decision, Shiraef’s legal representatives might feel more confident about their position against Ameristar Casino and Nguyen.

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Revisiting the 2021 event, Shiraef encountered problems when attempting to collect his earnings due to card counting allegations. With no prohibitions against card counting in Colorado, Shiraef contends his Fourth Amendment rights were infringed upon.

The lawsuit targets several entities: Ameristar Casino Black Hawk, its umbrella organization Gaming and Leisure Properties, Joseph Nguyen, the City of Black Hawk, and Whitman, citing wrongful confinement.

Interestingly, some claims against Gaming and Leisure Properties, Whitman, and the city have been dismissed by a federal judge. However, certain allegations against Nguyen and the casino remain active. Nguyen has since cut ties with the Department of Revenue.

While Shiraef’s legal team sought a review of these dismissals, their plea was rejected.

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Amidst these developments, Department of Revenue’s Daniel Carr noted that the gaming officer conducted a thorough inquiry into the episode. Carr mentioned that the official ensured adherence to Colorado’s regulations, especially since the patron left abruptly, demonstrating suspicious behavior and non-compliance with ID verification.

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