A Missouri Standoff with Casinos vs. Unregulated Slot Machines

At the center of a growing controversy in Missouri stands Torch Electronics. Partnering with a convenience store operator, they’ve sparked a legal debate about their unregulated slot machines found across gas stations, bars, and other local spots.

In a turn of events, Torch now finds itself challenged by the Missouri Gaming Association. Representing 13 riverboat casinos in the state, the association recently launched a lawsuit, as reported by St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Their goal? To stamp out what they see as Torch’s “illegal competition.”

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Interestingly, Torch’s defense revolves around a unique “pre-reveal” feature on their machines. This feature, they argue, indicates the game’s subsequent outcome and lets players opt-out if it appears unfavorable. Hence, the machines are for “amusement” and not random, exempting them from violating state gambling laws.

In stark contrast to this defense, the Gaming Association’s statement is direct: “Torch Electronics is an illegal competitor. Its devices harm our members by diverting revenue that should aid veterans, local cities, and education.”

The casinos stress their compliance with state regulations, financial commitments to infrastructure, and timely payment of taxes. They also point out that while they contribute to a fund aiding problem gamblers, Torch lacks such initiatives. Moreover, the association claims that Torch’s machines have insufficient safeguards to deter underage players.

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Judge Daniel Green of Cole County recently weighed in, turning down Torch’s bid to stall the Missouri State Highway Patrol from investigating their machines’ legality. He emphasized that entities like Torch and Warrenton Oil Co. couldn’t hinder law enforcement agencies.

Despite this setback, Charles Hatfield, representing Torch, has expressed plans to appeal. He seeks a legal affirmation that these machines aren’t gambling entities.

Adding another layer to this dispute, Missouri casinos have introduced a countersuit, pushing for the court’s recognition that Torch’s machines contradict the state’s constitution. They’re hopeful for a reversal of the initial decision, aiming to halt Torch’s operations.

Given this ongoing legal turmoil since Torch’s 2021 lawsuit, several other slot machine operators have emerged in Missouri. Law enforcement’s active stance on illegal gambling has somewhat diminished, as all eyes now focus on the outcome of this pivotal case.

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