Dutch Online Gambling Market Sees Steady Growth Amidst Regulatory Changes

The Netherlands’ gaming regulator, KSA, reported in its fifth online gambling monitoring report that the country’s gross gambling revenue (GGR) increased by 8% between January and August 2023, or 17% annually. This data stands in stark contrast to the 33% rise that was recorded in the report’s prior iteration.

In his analysis of the data, KSA Chairman René Jansen said that this leveling down is consistent with predictions and shows the market’s prudent growth. He underlined the significance of creating a secure gambling environment with sufficient focus on preventing addiction and keeping an eye on problematic gaming behavior. In his statement, Jansen said, “The continued growth ensures increasing responsibility among providers.”

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The total gross gaming revenue (GGR) in the Dutch online gambling business over the last 12 months was €1.33 billion (£1.15 billion/$1.40 billion). The newly enacted gambling advertising restriction, which is likely to draw fewer players to online offers, will, however, result in a reduction in income, according to the research.

Stagnation in Active Player Accounts

A modest decrease in the quantity of active player accounts in the Netherlands was also noted in the study. From 859,000 in January to 826,000 in July, the total fell by 4%. Because many customers have numerous accounts, it’s important to note that this statistic does not accurately reflect the overall number of gamers. Between February and July, 676,000 Dutch consumers bet, with 417,000 of them doing so per month, according to KSA estimates. Over a six-month period, these participants lost an average of €170, for a total loss of €1,017.

The high level of channelization attained in the sector is a plus for the study. A astounding 93% of consumers visited websites that offered legal gambling, an increase of 1% from the previous study. Additionally, 98% of brand-new players only bet on legal alternatives, demonstrating the efficacy of KSA’s strategy to steer 80% of users toward legal choices.

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The Central Register for the Exclusion of Gambling (CRUKS), a Dutch self-exclusion portal, saw an increase in the number of players who enrolled there. 48,000 people have signed up for the program as of August 2023, a 44% increase from the previous six months.

Since the Netherlands enacted a full prohibition on gambling advertising in July 2023, this report is the first from KSA. The prohibition included limitations on sponsorship and affiliate commercials and applied to a variety of media platforms, including print, radio, television, and public locations. Targeted advertising is still allowed via social media, direct mail, and streaming platforms, providing a small window of opportunity for promotion in this changing environment.

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