Irish Government’s Gambling Bill Sets Watershed for Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) Fundraising and Lotteries

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), well known for its draws, club lotteries, and other fundraising endeavors, is now required to abide by the 9 PM watershed, as stipulated in the Irish Government’s gaming law. These restrictions represent the most recent step in Ireland’s continuous attempts to change the gaming environment there.

The management committee of the GAA is well cognizant of the ramifications of publicizing these projects online prior to the watershed, which runs from 5.30 AM to 9.00 PM, except a defined eight and a half-hour sleep period.  The bill explicitly states, “A person shall not knowingly advertise, or cause another person to advertise, a relevant gambling activity on television, radio, or an on-demand audio-visual media service between the hours of 5.30 AM and 9.00 PM.”

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Because of these limitations, well-known events like “Win A House” or “Win A Car” tournaments and shows like “Last Man Standing” will no longer be able to advertise gambling at times when kids are online.

Potential Licensing Overhaul

A license and an annual certificate are now necessary for GAA cash withdrawals. A suggestion, nevertheless, may exclude charity organizations from the license requirement if their total earnings do not exceed €2,000.

The measure specifies precise restrictions on charitable lotteries. The maximum for weekly lotteries is €30,000; the maximum for single games is €3,000. Wins from one-time events are limited to a total of €360,000. It’s interesting to note that neither regular lotteries nor special events have a set maximum entrance cost.

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By deciding to outlaw gambling advertising on teams in 2018, the GAA made a significant step that garnered the unanimous backing of 98% of Congress delegates. With this effort, the sponsorship of activities and groups whose members are predominantly minors will be outlawed.

The GAA rulebook unequivocally states, “a player, a team, a member of a team management, or a match official involved in a game is strictly prohibited from betting on the outcome of any aspect of the Game concerned.” Violating this rule is considered misconduct and brings discredit to the association.

The GAA, like many other stakeholders in the gaming business, must adjust to the changing regulatory environment in Ireland as a result of the Irish Government’s gambling bill’s introduction of these ground-breaking limitations. The government’s commitment to tackling the problems caused by gambling and protecting vulnerable populations, particularly children, from its potential consequences is reflected in these policies.

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