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Opening thoughts

There’s no shortage of online casinos, but operating on the fringe of the industry are many casinos where you can play with in-game coins without risking any of your own funds. Global Poker is one of the pioneers of this type of gaming, as you can play against a range of poker players of all skill levels from many regions worldwide.

Poker players, especially those who have a natural eye for the game, are unique in casino gaming. Unlike roulette, blackjack or slot machine gaming, there are hundreds of professional poker players, with the elite able to turn their casino skills into full-time jobs. Poker has many variants and a land-based casino poker tournament has several elements that aren’t necessary for online or virtual poker, such as bluffing, psychology, eyeing up your opponent and trying to outmaneuver them and throw them off the scent about the quality of your hand.

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Today, we will examine the pros and cons of playing poker online with in-game tokens instead of real money, and we’ll break down some of the reasons many gamers have decided to make this their primary way to play poker.

What do the experts say?

The verdict isn’t unanimous and there’ll always be a number of poker enthusiasts and experts who believe there needs to be real money on the line to enjoy an authentic, traditional poker game. However, there is still a lot of positivity regarding this method of playing poker — the legendary Bill Krackomberger explains the following about Global Poker:

“Unlike other casino games, poker is a game where experience can make you a better player. Other games like roulette and slots always have a house edge and are games of chance. However, if you can develop your poker skills through experience, it unquestionably improves your overall game. Global Poker is unique because it allows you to do this without losing money, which explains why many people use it to hone their craft and not worry about losing cash in the process.”

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While this isn’t the opinion across the board, finding any expert who disagrees with Global Poker would be challenging. Getting better at a casino game without having to spend any money inevitably attracts people, and it’s not just people who want to improve their poker skills to try at a real casino. A lot of people simply enjoy playing the game and learning how it works, and don’t feel the need to place a bet to do so. Global Poker has filled a necessary space in the market and the popularity of their service exemplifies the point that Bill Krackomberger and a host of other experts have voiced over the last few years.


For veterans of the poker circuit whose experience stretches back long before the existence of the internet, the idea of being able to play poker with no risk defeats the object. Poker, especially in a land-based casino, focuses on reading your opponent or bluffing them with a big bet. Having a lot in the bank and more money to bet with is one of the tools top players use to gain the edge or psych out their opposition, so those traditional players deem sweepstakes poker a rather pointless exercise.

However, these same players essentially had the same opinion when online poker emerged as a legitimate contender to this longstanding and thriving industry. Online poker, including virtual tables, presents many of the same issues for traditional gamers. The need for psychological warfare and bluffing is completely removed. For those players who would claim it was the most substantial part of their game, you can see why they would have reservations about the emergence of online poker and Global Poker.

Once you look beyond these concerns, there isn’t anything else you can cite as a negative regarding sweepstakes poker, especially when considering the high-quality, rounded service that Global Poker offers. It’s hard to frame anything as a bad idea if you get a great entertainment experience without spending money. Once you switch to real money tables, particularly those competitions in land-based casinos where people use big bets, bluffing and psychology to gain an advantage, there might be a slight adjustment to make. Regardless of how well you develop your skills at a sweepstakes poker table, you can only grasp the true extent of bluffing and betting at an authentic poker table, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

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So, while there will always be people who disagree with anything, regardless of how good an idea it is, the majority of experts seem to agree that Global Poker is a force for good and has many positive elements, which we will unpack in the next section.


Vital experience

For poker enthusiasts, brushing up on your poker skills is important. Experience is the greatest teacher and this applies to poker more than most. As we have already discussed in our introduction, poker is the only game on the casino floor where you can actively improve by developing a better range of experience. Global Poker allows people to do this without having to touch their own balance, and you can play as many hands as you want, understanding the nature of how people play, when to play aggressively or when to sit out a hand.

All of this in-game experience is invaluable for those who might later want to go on and test themselves in a game for real money. Playing at a casino for real money in a competition can be a daunting experience, but Global Poker allows people to fine-tune their technique and strategy free of charge. While poker comes naturally to some people more so than others, especially those who play at some of the most prominent tournaments in the world and get their hands on the multimillion-dollar prizes, they match this natural talent with hard work and experience, eventually turning their hobby into their job.

Focus on the game

If you only understand the basics of poker, you don’t necessarily want to go into a full-blooded game where you have to bet with your cash. Going into any casino game without experience or knowledge will amplify the possibility of losing. If you can focus on the game’s inner workings before you place a real-money bet, this could be the catalyst in managing any journey into the world of poker most effectively, mitigating a potentially significant loss.

At Global Poker, because you don’t need to worry about losing money, you can place a much bigger focus on the quality of your and your opponent’s hand. By completely isolating this element and focusing on the game, you can spend more time and energy learning how the poker hand ranking system works and when to put your foot on the gas or step back. Understanding the best and worst hands in poker should be part of your starting knowledge.

Responsible gambling and setting time limits

Learning how to set up time and deposit limits when you play any casino game is a crucial element of any strategy. Although poker is a game where a solid strategy and skill set can make all the difference, this doesn’t mean you’re set to win because you have more skill than the other players. Understanding that you must gamble within your means is crucial, and if you believe your gambling is causing an issue, you should speak to somebody who can help you manage your problem effectively.

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You can get into good practice for responsible gambling by portioning out the amount of in-game coins you use at Global Poker and by setting yourself time limits. The beauty of sweepstakes poker is that you can still afford to exceed your time limit because you don’t have to worry about spending too much money at the table. However, we’d recommend developing good, responsible gambling practices so that when you take your new, sharpened skills to a live casino, you have a solid strategy that will allow you to manage your risk most efficiently.


Balancing out the pros and cons is the best place to begin when you’re exploring any new gambling method. However, there’s so much about Global Poker that acts as a positive, and the net benefit is evident for those who spend enough time sharpening their ability.

Not only is building your skillset imperative, but having a greater knowledge of the sort of hands to look out for and understanding the probability that your opponent has a better hand are just some of the key variables that you can improve by playing poker with in-game coins instead of actual cash.

Once you have developed all these skills and spent hours chiseling your new strategy to a reasonable standard, you will understand the true benefit and invaluable experience offered at Global Poker. Experts often discuss just how crucial services like Global Poker are for those looking to develop their strategy, and these services will continue to play a pivotal role for those poker players consistently looking to improve their game.

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