How Does GCash Compare to Other Online Casino Payment Methods

Online casinos are now fully established internationally as a dominant sector in the gambling industry. iGaming is integrated into the gambling world and accepted as a valuable way of attracting new players and keeping gambling fans engaged.

Payment methods at online casinos are a key part of a successful system. In order to retain customers, an online casino needs to offer payment options that are easy to use, quick to process and highly secure.

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There are a variety of digital payment options that are available worldwide. Meanwhile, others are only available in a specific region or country. GCash, for example, is only used in the Philippines, but in that country, it is the primary digital payment method. Online casinos need to understand their target markets and demographics to know which payment options to offer.

In this article, we’ll compare some of the leading online casino payment methods with GCash. Every payment method has its pros and cons, and a lot comes down to user preference. Following our comparisons, we’ll go over the leading GCash casinos that you can visit.

Leading online payment methods

There are a variety of online payment methods and as we move more towards a cashless society, new methods keep appearing. Credit and debit cards are the original online payment method and the one that most users are familiar with.

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In some cases, physical cards have been replaced with digital cards, known as e-wallets. E-wallets are apps that provide a digital version of a card that is linked to the user’s bank or credit account. Since these are apps, they are specific to the mobile device’s operating system. The most popular e-wallets are Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Mobile payment apps are similar to e-wallets but they don’t have to be directly linked to a bank account. This makes them more flexible and helpful for organizing spending. The leading payment app has long been PayPal. In recent years, it’s experienced a lot of competition from rising companies such as Venmo, Skrill, Zelle and Cash App. Not all payment apps are available in every country.

Cryptocurrencies are the most modern form of online payment methods. Cryptocurrencies are solely digital and exist on the blockchain, making them incredibly secure. The two major cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are also a huge number of alternative coins, including meme coins such as Doge.

Cryptocurrencies are usually only available as a payment method at crypto casinos. Some regular online casinos also accept a limited selection of cryptocurrencies, but this isn’t common yet. Crypto casinos will accept a variety of coins and some essentially act as a coin marketplace as well as a casino, allowing users to invest in crypto that they can then play with.

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GCash is an e-wallet from the Philippines. It is the country’s most popular payment method and is helping to increase access to services to the many people in the country who do not have access to local banking and the related services.

Like other payment apps, GCash allows users to make payments online. GCash uses two-factor authentication to verify the user’s identity before purchases. Coupled with the security measures that online casinos already have in place, this makes GCash an incredibly safe payment method.

The last type of online payment method that is often used at online casinos is a bank or wire transfer. This is the modern version of an old school payment type. Bank and wire transfers can be sent from a bank website or in person at a bank. It is one of the slowest payments to be processed because banks traditionally have an extended verification procedure.


As noted above, every payment method has some positives and negatives, and it often depends on the customer’s personal preferences. For players living in the Philippines, GCash is the most convenient and easy to use payment method. As it is so popular within the country, most people are familiar with how it works. It is also processed quickly because it is digital and has a limited user base.

The biggest negative of GCash is that it can’t be used outside of the Philippines. Aside from that issue, it has many similarities with the other leading digital payment methods. Digital payment methods all offer far more security than cash does.

Top GCash casinos

The best GCash online casinos in the Philippines are from some of the leading casino brands in the world. Playing at a GCash casino is no different from playing at any other kind of online casino.

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Vulkan Vegas is a relatively new online casino, but it has rapidly become one of the most trusted. Their dedication to security and customer support have made them a favorite with players. They have a great game library and since they don’t offer sports betting they can focus solely on the games. Unlike many online casinos, Vulkan Vegas does not offer any kind of deposit bonuses in their welcome offers.

It might not be the most memorable name, but once you’ve played at 20Bet Casino you won’t forget it. It is a truly international online casino, accepting over 20 currencies and a huge number of deposit and withdrawal methods. Unfortunately, they do have some of the slower withdrawal times among leading online casinos.

BitStarz is a very modern online casino and offers players the option to make deposits with cryptocurrencies. The game library at BitStarz has a lot of everything, with a focus on slot machine games and live casino games. They have a live chat feature where customer support can be reached 24/7. This is a big improvement over previous years when their customer support team was difficult to reach.

Verde Casino is a small online casino brand, but don’t let size fool you, they can compete with many of the larger brands. They have a large game library with titles from many of the leading game developers. They also have a variable withdrawal limit, which is great for players who play consistently. While it’s an international online casino, their customer support is only available in a few languages.

As the name suggests, KingBilly Casino might just be casino royalty. They have one of the most valuable welcome bonuses in the industry and have a massive game library with over 5,000 titles. For players who enjoy playing on the go, KingBilly does have one major flaw as they do not have an app and the website isn’t as well optimized for mobile as it could be.

Don’t worry about the name, HellSpin Casino will give you a heavenly gaming experience! HellSpin is the go-to choice for players who love live casino games. They have over 250 live dealer games in addition to plenty of slot machine games and regular table games. One small issue is that they do not offer as many payment options as some of their competitors.

Ice Casino is one of the coolest online casinos around. They’re a very new site and have learned from other casinos on the market exactly how to appeal to their customers. They don’t have a withdrawal limit, so high rollers can rest easy that their funds are always accessible. Customers have found that the live chat customer support feature isn’t very responsive, but thankfully, they also offer telephone and email support.

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