UK to Implement New Online Gambling Rules in 2024

The world of online gambling in the UK is about to change. Due to the continuous increase in the popularity of online gambling, the Government has felt the need to adjust the rules so players are better protected against gambling addiction. It means that online gambling providers will have to take on more responsibility for the impact of their industry. 

The UK’s online gambling landscape is set to undergo significant changes. With a surge in online gambling’s popularity, the Government is introducing new regulations to offer better protection against addiction. This will require online gambling providers to bear a greater responsibility for their industry’s impact. The global rise in online gambling is mainly attributed to the proliferation of smartphones, making it more accessible. Recognizing this trend, the UK announced the launch of new betting regulations, with a detailed white paper released to outline the impending law set for June 2024. The boom in this sector means there’s an influx of online gambling sites, with platforms like offering insights into various providers. As per the white paper, providers will be mandated to ensure increased player safety. 

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Mandatory levy and stake limits 

Aiming for enhanced player protection, the new rules introduce several initiatives. Notably, there will be a compulsory levy for online betting providers to support research, education, and treatment related to gambling addiction. This marks a shift from the erstwhile voluntary contributions. Moreover, stake limits on slots are proposed between £2-£15 per spin, along with other protective measures. Another one of the potential protective measures is player protection checks that are also aimed at protecting the particularly vulnerable players.

The Gambling Commission takes action 

Central to the new regulations is the empowered role of the Gambling Commission. The Commission will soon have the authority to swiftly and assertively address non-compliant providers. A new industry ombudsman will also be instated to deal with potential disputes between players and operators.

While the precise rules are being finalized, potential measures, including bans on specific bonuses and advertisements, are under consideration. The specifics around the many potential measures are still to be determined. But all these steps aim to shield especially vulnerable players from potential risks. Gambling operators will be taking more responsibility for their players’ safety in the UK going forward. All these changes are projected to roll out by next summer.

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