$100 Million Pledged by New South Wales Government in Battle Against Gambling-Related Harm

In a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at combatting the detrimental impacts of gambling in New South Wales (NSW), the state government is making an extraordinary commitment by channeling a staggering $100 million into an array of initiatives and services. This monumental step, unveiled as part of the maiden Minns Labor Government Budget, underscores the administration’s unwavering dedication to addressing money laundering, enacting comprehensive gaming reforms, and ameliorating the far-reaching social consequences of gambling.

This substantial financial boost will encompass diverse facets of the gambling landscape, targeting the most pressing issues with laser precision. In the forthcoming 2024-25 fiscal year, a resounding $21.7 million per annum, for a duration of three years, will be earmarked for initiatives and reforms aimed at minimizing gambling harm. An expertly convened gambling reform panel will play a pivotal role in identifying deserving causes and disbursing these vital funds to the most impactful initiatives.

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The second largest chunk of this monumental funding, a formidable $10 million, will fortify the Responsible Gambling Fund administered through the Office of Responsible Gambling. This financial injection promises to bolster GambleAware’s counseling and support services, galvanize awareness and education campaigns, invigorate groundbreaking initiatives such as “Reclaim the Game,” and fuel cutting-edge gambling research. These strategic investments are anticipated to pave the way for enduring reductions in problem gambling rates.

An additional infusion of $6.4 million is destined to revamp self-exclusion programs and usher in the concept of third-party exclusions within the precincts of pubs and clubs. This pivotal step empowers individuals with enhanced tools to take control of their gambling habits, fostering a culture of responsible gaming and offering a lifeline to those in need.

The remaining $3.4 million has been allocated to facilitate an ambitious 12-month cashless gaming trial set to unfold in select venues. This groundbreaking experiment is expected to be the harbinger of broader reforms in the gaming industry, heralding a new era where technology intersects with responsible gaming to redefine the landscape.

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