What do Changing Displays Mean for Online Casino Gaming?

When the first online casino launched around 1997, players engaged from only one central type of display. This was the CRT computer monitor which operated at a 4:3 aspect ratio. At the time, home computers and the internet were only just approaching the mainstream, and it was a decade before smartphones would bring mobile internet to the masses.

Over the decades that followed, the displays we used evolved far beyond their origins, eventually reaching a point where the 4:3 standard became largely obsolete. Yet, as far as the world of computer and mobile displays has come, new experiments and explorations are still constantly being made. As a highly visual form of media, online casino gaming will continue to benefit from these explorations. From unnoticeable changes to potentially overwhelming new systems, let’s take a look at where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

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Into Modern Standards

Generations of older screens, from the first black and whites up until those of the new millennium, used a 4:3 aspect ratio. 4:3 was adopted not for technological reasons relating to hardware, but rather because that was the default aspect ratio of celluloid film. While widescreen would start to take over in movie theatres in the 1950s, it was not until digital film cameras became popular around the year 2000 that computer monitors began to change to the widescreen standard.

For online casino gaming, the move to widescreen affected the experience in different ways. For general browsing or table games that benefitted from increased horizontal space, more visual space could be superior in navigation and play. In games that tend to be set more vertically, like slots, the changes felt by the players were minimal. In smartphones, the slate-style meant vertical games like slots would benefit most, while table games can best be played by turning the phones sideways to create a widescreen style in a best-of-both-world setup.

A New Generation of Potential

The latest developments in mobile displays are best illustrated by folding systems like the Galaxy Z Fold series, These open like books, creating a uniquely-sized display that, after decades, reapproaches an aspect ratio closer to the classic 4:3 setup. This might have proven problematic a decade ago thanks to how challenging it was to scale websites to different screen sizes. With modern HTML 5, however, modern online casinos and their titles have no problem adjusting to these types of displays. For mobile users with visual or dexterity concerns, folding systems can even prove a superior way to play.

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Newer systems also gaining steam in the public eye include augmented and virtual reality systems. Built on the ability to overlay virtual elements over reality and create entire virtual worlds respectively, these systems in online casino gaming could allow for hugely engageable experiences. From placing virtual machines in your living room to walking in entirely virtual casinos, the promise of these displays is immense.

Rounding out the new generation of potential is ever more experimental devices like the Spectre Foldable PC. This machine from HP is essentially a laptop with a folding screen, creating a kind of smartphone aspect ratio on a larger laptop scale. Again, this would benefit games like slots considerably, while also leveraging higher resolutions for improved general browsing.

As for which of these devices and displays could be the best, that’s a matter of consumer taste. Some users will swear by some options, while others won’t have a favorite at all. Most importantly, the last decade and the coming technologies represent an era of unprecedented user choice. Being spoiled for options is a great place to be, even if finding your best fit requires some experimentation first.

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