MGM Resorts Investigates Cyber Incident as FBI Launches Probe

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is conducting an inquiry into a recent “cyber incident” at MGM Resorts International. According to corporate comments, the problem caused the temporary outage of computer systems at MGM Resorts sites across the United States.

While the FBI has classified the investigation as continuing and has offered no more information, MGM properties has said that its properties remain open despite the incident. The problem was discovered on a Sunday, prompting the preemptive closure of “certain systems” to safeguard data. MGM Resorts did not explain which systems were compromised, despite not expressly describing it as a hack.

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The ramifications of this incident were notably felt across the board, impacting reservations and casino operations at various MGM Resorts locations, including Las Vegas, and states such as Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio.

In a statement released on Monday evening, MGM Resorts emphasized that its “resorts, including dining, entertainment, and gaming, are currently operational.” The company further assured guests that access to their hotel rooms remained unaffected, with front desk staff available for any required assistance. Brian Ahern, a company spokesperson, stated, “Bottom line, our customers are being served.”

Although it is premature to determine whether MGM Resorts was targeted in a ransomware attack, cybersecurity experts have identified certain indicators that suggest such a possibility. Alex Hamerstone, a cybersecurity specialist, emphasized that while the immediate financial repercussions include losses from failed hotel and restaurant reservation bookings, inaccessible slot machines, and sports bets, the company’s reputation has also taken a hit. “I think that people are much less forgiving when you ruin their vacation or ruin their holiday. Some people save up all year to go to Vegas,” Hamerstone remarked.

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As the investigation unfolds, the cybersecurity community and authorities will continue to analyze the extent and nature of the cyber incident affecting MGM Resorts International.

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