Dutch Regulator Warns of “Serious Damage” to Players Due to Lack of Real-time Monitoring

An examination by the Dutch gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has raised concerns regarding the duty of care demonstrated by Dutch online gaming licensees. The study looked at 10 online gaming operators and discovered that not all of them could monitor gambling activity in real time, placing gamers at risk of “serious damage.”

The KSA’s research focused on 10 online gambling licensees who have been in operation for at least six months by June 1, 2022. The study looked at how these operators put their duty of care rules into action, asking information on player monitoring, internal procedures, player data, and addiction prevention.

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However, the first data supplied by operators was inadequate for a thorough evaluation. As a result, the KSA required two player files per licensee, one for a young adult and one for an adult player aged 24 and over.

While specific investigation information were not released due to confidentially, the KSA said that players may “suffer serious damage in a very short time” since not all operators could monitor gambling conduct in real-time. Monitoring methods vary per operator, with some using in-house or external risk scoring systems and machine learning.

The techniques of real-time monitoring varied, but most operators employed predefined limit values that were examined numerous times each day, allowing for “almost real-time monitoring.”

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The study revealed that all operators considered young adults a vulnerable group and implemented stricter limits for them, even though such limits are not mandated by law. However, monitoring young adults can be challenging, as they may not reach certain limit values, leading to less intervention.

Based on the findings, the KSA intends to enhance its own duty of care policies and recommend legislative changes to the Ministry of Justice and Security. The regulator also highlighted operators’ requests for “a more uniform interpretation or clarification of certain standards” to create a level playing field.

The Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA) acknowledged the disparities in duty of care practices and expressed support for the regulator’s recommendations to the Ministry of Justice. NOGA has advocated for a uniform and clearly defined standard for duty of care among all licensed providers, aiming to improve consumer protection and offer clear guidance to operators.

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