DATA.BET Launches Innovative “Player Props” Feature for Valorant Esports Betting

DATA.BET, a pioneer in the esports data market, proudly announces its most recent achievement in the field of esports betting – the “Player Props” feature for the popular Valorant video game. Player Props is poised to reshape the esports betting scene following its successful launch in the CS:GO arena earlier this year.

DATA.BET’s esteemed partners who are already invested in Valorant are providing their customers with access to this game-changing capability.

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Player Props, an exclusive service developed in-house by DATA.BET, was first offered in the CS:GO domain in February and is now available to Valorant fans. This new feature enables users to engage in personalized esports betting in addition to standard team-based bets.

With Player Props, individuals can place bets on specific actions of each team member. For example, users can predict the Total Kills and Total Deaths of their favorite players by the end of each map. This feature introduces a highly personalized dimension to esports betting, giving players the ability to craft a unique and tailored betting experience.

The introduction of Player Props brings substantial advantages to both players and operators in the esports betting realm. Players enjoy a more engaging and customized experience, as they can bet on the actions of their favorite players, adding a personalized touch to their betting endeavors.

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For operators, this feature provides an opportunity to diversify their offerings by expanding their range of markets and bets, ultimately enhancing the overall betting experience for their users. It also enables operators to run personalized and engaging marketing campaigns, setting them apart as industry leaders and fostering brand loyalty and trust. Moreover, Player Props integration presents a unique opportunity for operators to boost their company’s turnover.

Alex Kozachenko, Chief Product Officer at DATA.BET, shared his thoughts on the introduction of Player Props in Valorant. He stated, “The introduction of Player Props in Valorant demonstrates our commitment to innovation and personalized engagement in the esports betting sector. We believe that this feature not only enriches the user experience but also presents a significant opportunity for operators to stand out and thrive in this competitive landscape.”

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