Danish Gambling Authority Achieves Legal Success in Blocking 49 Websites

In a key step toward reducing illicit gambling, the Danish Gambling Authority has won its legal battle against 49 websites offering illegal gambling services in the nation. This is the ninth time the regulatory authority has taken legal action to prohibit illegal gaming websites, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to ensuring a controlled and safe gambling ecosystem.

The Danish Gambling Authority recently claimed a significant legal victory, obtaining a favorable judgement from the Copenhagen City Court on July 14, 2023. The court’s verdict upheld the authority’s allegations against all 49 websites identified as aiding illicit gambling within Danish borders. Since 2012, when Denmark’s gaming industry was partially liberalized, several websites have been found to be involved in illicit gambling operations such as betting and online casinos.

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Anders Dorph, the Director of the Danish Gambling Authority, emphasized the pivotal role of the authority in upholding consumer protection and ensuring a level playing field for licensed gambling operators. Dorph stated, “Our foremost task at the Danish Gambling Authority is to safeguard Danish citizens from exposure to illegal gambling activities that disregard the established consumer protection standards mandated by gambling legislation. Additionally, we strive to foster an environment where licensed gambling operators can compete fairly without undue interference from unlicensed providers.”

The Danish Gambling Authority’s dedication to curbing illegal gambling has led to a proactive shift in its approach. The authority announced its intention to increase the frequency of blocking illegal websites, targeting biannual blockades for the first time. This strategic alteration aims to minimize the duration for which these unauthorized sites operate within Denmark by accelerating the blocking process.

To effectively combat illegal gambling, the Danish Gambling Authority maintains continuous vigilance over the gambling market. Leveraging automated searches and responding to tips from individuals and businesses, the authority promptly detects instances of illegal gambling. Once an illicit activity is identified, the authority initiates contact with the offenders, requesting the cessation of the illegal offerings. If compliance is not achieved, the authority proceeds to the district court to obtain orders for website blockades. The practical implementation of these blockades is carried out by Danish internet service providers.

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The websites that have been blocked mostly provide a variety of typical casino games, including as roulette, poker, and gaming machines, as well as betting possibilities. Surprisingly, 13 of the sites are classified as “skin betting,” which includes betting, casino games, and lotteries that accept virtual in-game objects as deposits or wins. Skins are virtual things that originated in computer games.

The Danish Gambling Authority emphasizes the need of following the regulatory framework. To legally offer gaming services in Denmark, both local and international operators must get licenses from the Danish gaming Authority. Furthermore, the Danish gaming Act considers spreading or advertising unregistered gaming operations to be a crime.

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