Licensing Essentials: Why It Matters and Its Key Advantages

The betting and gambling industry has experienced impressive growth and development in recent years. According to Gambling Global Market Report 2023, the volume of the global gambling market this year has already amounted to $702.45 billion, and by 2027 it will grow to $765.89 billion. However, along with the growing popularity of these industries, there is also a need for regulation and control.

Experts at BetB2B, a popular international sports betting and online casino operations platform, note that licensing plays a key role in moving the betting and gambling industry forward:

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“Having a license is an integral part of the betting and gambling industry. This includes protecting the interests of players, and fighting illegal activities, and increasing the level of players’ confidence. All of these factors contribute to creating a sustainable and responsible industry where players can enjoy a safe and fair iGaming experience,” BetB2B clarified.

Why licensing is needed and what benefits it provides

We bring to your attention an overview of all the advantages of a licensed business in the betting industry:

1. Player Protection

Licensing of gambling activities provides legal protection of the rights and interests of players. Licensed betting and gambling operators have obligations to comply with a set of rules and standards to protect players from fraud, provide fair play, and ensure the security and privacy of personal data. Thanks to licensing, players can be sure that they are cooperating with reliable and responsible operators.

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2. Attracting investments

Having a license helps to attract investments in the betting and gambling industries since investors are looking for the licensed business. License indicates initial compliance with specific standards and requirements.

“Attracting investments allows operators to develop and improve their services, introduce new technologies and innovations, and expand their presence in the market,” the BetB2B expert added.

3. Regulation of advertising and marketing

One of the main aspects of licensing is the regulation of advertising and marketing practices. Through licensing, operators are required to comply with certain standards when conducting advertising campaigns to prevent intrusive advertising and protect vulnerable groups such as minors or people with gambling addictions. Advertising regulation helps maintain a fair and ethical environment in the industry.

4. Fighting illegal activities

Licensing of the iGaming industry is also a very important aspect in the fight against illegal operators and anti-money laundering. The licensing system allows you to control and verify operators, as well as punish violators who violate the rules and requirements. This helps create fair and transparent competition and sets high standards for all market participants.

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All these factors contribute not only to the development and creation of a sustainable responsible industry, but also enable players to enjoy safe and fair casino games.

The best solutions for licensed betting industry representatives – Bet b2b betting platform

BetB2B has been providing high-quality IT services for over 12 years, successfully supporting online casinos and bettings around the world. clients are leading companies in this field, are recognized by visitors and various international organizations, and also have awards for innovative solutions in the industry. The company actively introduces modern technologies and creates favorable conditions for the development of the industry and the global economy as a whole.

“Our work is not limited to simply providing solutions and tools for the success of partners,” the BetB2B company representative says, “We improve our skills and products daily, contributing to the development of the betting and gambling industry, which in turn has a positive impact on the entire industry”.

One of the key factors for the success of a bookmaker or online casino is a high-quality platform with a wide range of betting entertainment and an intuitive interface. BetB2B develops such platforms for other companies.

To facilitate the work of clients and achieve high results, offers the following ready-made solutions:

  1. Turnkey Solution is a unique complex solution with a large selection of bets on various sports and extensive content for online casinos. Crafted as a comprehensive bundle, this unified solution provides an extensive array of content for online casinos and betting projects. It encompasses every vital element required to initiate and efficiently operate an iGaming enterprise. Localization tools are also included.
  2. Retail Solution is ready-made solutions for betting shops. This solution contains all advantages of online betting platforms. The system is fully automated, offering an intuitive interface that enables remote management of locations within the network.
  3. Sportsbook API is an iFrame solution that allows you to organize bets on 182 sports. The list of available sports is regularly updated.

BetB2B IT services for betting companies and online casinos

The company offers a wide range of IT services that ensure the rapid creation of a gambling business. BetB2B clients can upgrade their existing bookmakers or online casinos with the services provided.

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  • CMS BetB2B allows you to customize the website and organize content on it, including landing pages for advertising, banners, promotions, rules and other important elements.
  • BetB2B CRM is a unique system that allows iGaming business owners to analyze the activity of visitors to their websites. It provides options such as communication with players, segmentation, notification settings, visitor information, and statistics on key metrics.
  • Affiliate program is a complete tool that allows you to create affiliate networks. Here you can study statistics, reports, configure and manage the network, as well as regulate commissions.
  • Back office – allows to create detailed reports on clients activity, including clients ID, transactions, and more; presents reports that showcase financial metrics, breaking down revenue by payment method and specific gaming sections.
  • Agent scheme – the system allows to establish a base of agents and master agents, empowering them to oversee players and execute transactions. The tailor-made software provides you with precise control over this agent structure, complete with adjustable settings for enhanced management.

These tools are highly effective and allow companies to reach a new level in their business. For more detailed and complete information, check out the BetB2B website

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