Trustly Teams Up with Station Casinos for Innovative STN Charms Marketplace

Trustly, the global leader in Open Banking Payments, has partnered with Station Casinos, the pioneering and digitally focused casino, to act as the sole payments partner for STN Charms, their pioneering NFT loyalty marketplace. STN Charms, which was unveiled on March 31, offers an avant-garde reinvention of the traditional loyalty program, altering the gaming experience.

With the introduction of STN Charms, players are suddenly engaged in an altogether new universe of involvement. As these gamers play, they are rewarded with digital charms that evolve in parallel with their successes. STN Charms’ growing tiers match the players’ achievements, providing an added layer of excitement and achievement to their gaming adventure.

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a compelling technical breakthrough that accelerates the gaming realm into unprecedented territory, are crucial to the STN Charms marketplace. These digital assets, represented by the acquired charms, may be sold easily inside the marketplace, bringing in a new level of player involvement and empowerment.

The foundation of this unique company is Trustly’s cutting-edge Open Banking technology. The renowned payment service permits digital deposits and withdrawals within the STN Charms wallets with ease. Station Casinos provides an exceptional user experience by integrating Trustly’s technology, assuring the fluidity and security of financial transactions within the platform.

The collaboration between Station Casinos and Trustly represents a harmonious convergence of expertise. Tom Mikulich, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Red Rock Resorts | Station Casinos LLC, lauds Trustly’s pivotal role in driving this innovation. Mikulich emphasizes that Trustly’s Open Banking technology has been an instrumental component in the realization of STN Charms, underpinning the venture’s unique essence.

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CAMS (CentralAMS) plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the digital wallets underpinning the STN Charms marketplace. Acting as the merchant of record, CAMS has chosen Trustly as the exclusive payments provider for this visionary project. Mark Lipparelli, Managing Member at CentralAMS and former Nevada State Gaming Board member, affirms the seamless collaboration with Trustly, recognizing their adeptness as a payment provider.

Trustly’s central objective in this collaboration is to ensure a frictionless experience for users. The company’s commitment to guaranteeing swift and secure deposits and withdrawals within the STN Charms marketplace solidifies their status as a pivotal enabler of this unique ecosystem.

John Parsons, VP of Gaming at Trustly, echoes the sentiment of excitement and innovation shared by all parties involved. The partnership with Station Casinos and CentralAMS exemplifies the transformative potential of Open Banking technology. Parsons underscores Trustly’s pride in contributing to this groundbreaking loyalty program, which promises to redefine the gaming landscape.

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