Billy Walters On Sports, Scandals, and a New Book

Billy Walters recently sat down following his book launch to discuss his newly released autobiography, “Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk,” as reported by the Las Vegas Sun last week. Simon & Schuster, the publishing house, initially received a 600-page manuscript from Walters, which was condensed to 384 pages. Walters chronicles his life journey from his childhood in Munfordville, Kentucky, to becoming a renowned sports bettor.

Starting his gambling journey at a mere age of 9, Walters made notable wins in his lifetime, like pocketing $3.5 million on the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV. Discussing the target readers for his book, he mentioned, “I wanted to make sure… it’s for the average bettor. There’s something in there for the most accomplished of bettors.”

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His book also sheds light on his relationship with golf champion Phil Mickelson. Their bond spanned a five-year betting partnership and an eight-year friendship. A major turning point was Walters’ involvement in an insider trading scandal connected to Dean Foods. On Mickelson’s non-involvement in his legal proceedings, Walters commented, “All Phil had to do was come forward, do nothing more than to testify and tell the truth.” Walters attributes his time in prison as an indirect reason for his daughter’s tragic opioid-induced suicide, saying, “I’ll never be able to forgive Phil for that.”

Released early from prison in 2020 due to a coronavirus relief program, Walters’ sentence was eventually commuted by former President Donald Trump in 2021. Since then, Walters has been proactive in philanthropy. He has been establishing vocational schools in prisons in partnership with ex-Nevada Sen. Harry Reid and actively supports Hope For Prisoners.

Reflecting on his life’s journey and the purpose of his book, Walters highlighted, “Credibility comes from telling it like it is.” Currently, with his steadfast wife, Susan, by his side, Walters is focusing on caring for their family and eagerly anticipates the upcoming football season.

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