Roobet Rings the Bell with Bruce Buffer for a Knockout Campaign

Roobet, a top-tier online entertainment hub, recently launched a new captivating campaign in São Paulo, Brazil, merging humor with a dash of mystery. Teaming up with comedian Roody Landucci and the renowned UFC presenter, Bruce Buffer, they offered Brazilians an unforgettable experience.

The setting for this engaging event was the grand lobby of Teatro Opus Frei Caneca. Visitors were greeted by an intriguing totem with a simple instruction: “Press here for limitless fun.” As expected, the theater-goers, driven by curiosity, couldn’t resist pushing the button. And the result? A mind-blowing spectacle.

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Adding to the merriment was Roody Landucci, a comedian who humorously tweaked his name in a nod to Roobet. The presence of a live DJ and a team of dancers transformed the event into an electrifying party. Attendees were treated to gifts and special vouchers, allowing them to explore the vibrant world of Roobet.

Further ramping up the ambiance was a custom soundtrack featuring none other than Bruce Buffer, the iconic voice of UFC and Roobet’s ambassador. His catchphrase? “It’s Time for Roobet!”

Guiding the event’s success was aunica Interactive Marketing, a trusted partner for Roobet in Brazil. They crafted the campaign with precision. Ricardo R. Junior, from aunica, pointed out: “Our approach focused on entertaining, fun communication. At Roobet, entertainment rivals the excitement of placing bets. Hence, our content aims to spark interest and bring smiles.” His colleague, Alexandre Azevedo, emphasized, “Roobet’s playful tone lets us innovate and wow the crowd. The live event and the subsequent online buzz speak for themselves.”

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Codinome Filmes, the wizards behind the camera, transformed the live event into a compelling commercial. Marco Aurélio Tavares, their CEO, remarked, “Collaborating on this one-of-a-kind project was delightful. We aimed for both a memorable live event and an engaging film.”

Hosting this monumental event, Teatro Opus Frei Caneca, managed by Opus Entretenimento, showcased its commitment to modern entertainment. Roberto Severo from Opus opined, “Digital gaming platforms see the immense potential in melding with traditional entertainment. It’s a surefire way to resonate with Brazilians.”

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