Lawsuit Filed Against Ameristar Casino in Colorado by Disgruntled Gambler

Card counting has long been a source of conflict and discussion in the world of gaming. While casinos frown on it and frequently take steps to discourage or penalize players who engage in it, the legal situation around card counting is not always clear. In the context of a lawsuit against Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado, one recent instance demonstrates the complicated legal issues related with card counting.

Card counting, a tactic commonly used in blackjack, is keeping track of the cards dealt in order to gain an advantage over the casino. Card counting is not widely categorized as illegal in many jurisdictions across the United jurisdictions, despite its terrible image among casinos. Casinos generally see card counters as formidable opponents because of their expertise and analytical prowess.

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The incident in question unfolded at Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado. On October 19, 2021, a player identified by the initials J.S. found himself embroiled in a legal battle following a session of blackjack. The player, hailing from Georgia, alleged that he was prevented from leaving the casino premises after being accused of card counting. Notably, his lawsuit underscored that card counting is not deemed illegal in Colorado.

J.S.’s lawsuit raised several legal allegations against Ameristar Casino. He contended that his Fourth Amendment rights had been violated due to an unwarranted detention without probable cause. The plaintiff further claimed false imprisonment due to inadequate law enforcement training. Seeking both punitive and compensatory damages, J.S. filed for $3 million in total compensation, along with coverage for legal fees associated with the trial.

Despite the lawsuit and the alleged refusal of the casino to honor his chips, card counting itself remains an enigmatic legal realm. Daniel Carr, a spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Revenue, elucidated the situation. Carr affirmed that counting cards using one’s mental acumen is not against the law. However, he clarified that employing card-marking techniques or utilizing technological devices to manipulate game outcomes could be considered illegal.

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Carr emphasized that while players adept at card counting might face the possibility of being asked to leave or barred from blackjack tables, the act of counting cards remains within the boundaries of the law in Colorado. The nuanced distinction between mental card counting and more manipulative practices underscores the intricate legal tightrope that both players and casinos tread.

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