CT Interactive Sets Sail in Switzerland Through Launch with Jackpot.ch

Through the innovative Gamanza platform, CT Interactive has partnered with Jackpot.ch in a calculated move that is expected to completely change the Swiss iGaming scene. The gamers of jackpot.ch can look forward to an exciting variety of gaming experiences thanks to this cooperation, which also represents an important step for CT Interactive’s footing in Switzerland.

The foundation of this partnership is the marriage of Gamanza’s cutting-edge iGaming platform with CT Interactive’s compelling games. Players will soon be able to embark on an immersive trip through a world of entertainment, interaction, and enchantment when jackpot.ch incorporates a carefully chosen selection of CT Interactive’s offers into its gaming library.

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With its mix of timeless and cutting-edge games, CT Interactive has established itself as a dominant force in the European video game market. The Swiss project offers the firm a fantastic chance to improve the caliber of its iGaming products while enabling local partners to promote organic development through creative content, increasing engagement and retention rates.

CT Interactive is prepared to take advantage of the opportunity presented by Switzerland’s expanding online gaming market. With a portfolio of compelling items at its disposal, the firm aims to enable its partners to offer Swiss gamers a wide range of captivating possibilities. The flawless integration process strengthens CT Interactive’s position in the market and confirms its leadership in the sector.

Silvia Hristova, the head of customer relationship management at CT Interactive, oozes excitement for the alliance, saying, “We are thrilled to bring our exciting games to the Swiss players also through this exciting partnership.” The potential of the Swiss market fits in well with CT Interactive’s dedication to provide gamers with engaging gaming content.

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Hristova emphasizes the importance of this partnership by highlighting the firm’s commitment to provide top-notch content that is specifically suited for the local gaming community in Switzerland. The persistent worldwide expansion of CT Interactive is a result of its ongoing efforts to form cross-border strategic collaborations.

Recent achievements highlight CT Interactive’s unyielding desire. The company’s impact is strengthened by a strategic cooperation with Sazka-Allwyn International, and its presence in Europe is expanded by a successful partnership with BetFlag in Italy.

The success of CT Interactive is spreading beyond Europe as its field of influence grows. The mission to provide unrivaled gaming experiences propels CT Interactive to navigate unknown waters with delicacy, from Croatia’s Favbet Online Casino to smart content collaborations in the booming Latin American industry.

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