Million Games Bolsters Portfolio with Strategic Acquisition of Spiffbet’s Game Development Business

Million Games has finalized the acquisition of Spiffbet’s game development business in a strategic effort to cement its presence in the competitive arena of game production, marking a big step forward in the company’s expansion plan. The acquisition includes the game development companies STHLM Gaming AB and Rhino Gaming, as well as their intellectual property, paving the way for a dynamic progression in the gaming sector.

This strategic alliance empowers Million Games to diversify and enhance its existing portfolio with a fresh influx of 21 exhilarating games, including notable titles like Perfect Catch, Ricky Riches, and Van Gogh. This enriching addition promises an enticing pipeline of captivating games that are primed to resonate with a diverse audience, reinforcing Million Games’ commitment to delivering immersive gaming experiences across various platforms.

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The acquisition not only bolsters Million Games’ gaming arsenal but also accelerates its speed to market, a pivotal advantage in the fast-paced world of game development. By integrating Spiffbet’s game development assets, Million Games gains the ability to expedite the launch of new and innovative games, providing gamers with an enhanced array of entertainment options in record time.

The symbiotic nature of this acquisition is exemplified by the mutually beneficial outcomes it offers for both Million Games and Spiffbet. Notably, Spiffbet retains the capacity to offer these games within its own casino domain, ensuring a seamless continuity for its players. Simultaneously, Million Games secures exclusive access to the intellectual property, igniting fresh avenues for creativity and expansion.

Undoubtedly, the acquisition of STHLM Gaming AB serves as a catalyst for Million Games to harness novel sources of creative prowess. This partnership amplifies Million Games’ capacity to captivate an even broader player base, leveraging STHLM Gaming AB’s well-crafted game portfolio to resonate with diverse global audiences.

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Thomas Nimstad, the Chief Executive Officer for Million Games, expresses his enthusiasm, affirming, “Completing this acquisition and gaining access to STHLM Gaming AB and the games under the Rhino Gaming brand is a great opportunity for Million Games to enhance its portfolio of games to be able to establish ourselves in a market with high competition. Through the deal, we can shorten the time to launch significantly.”

Henrik Svensson, Chief Executive Officer for Spiffbet, echoes this sentiment, sharing, “Seeing STHLM Gaming AB being acquired by Million Games will make sure our games will reach new heights. Our teams share an unwavering passion for developing games that engage and captivate players and, with Million Games’ connections and industry expertise, we look forward to seeing our tradition live on to create thrilling gaming experiences and delighting audiences worldwide continue.”

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