Malta Suspends Green Feather Online Over Regulatory Breaches

The Malta gaming Authority (MGA) has taken serious action against many operators, including Green Feather Online, in a recent incident that has sent shockwaves across the online gambling sector. The MGA’s focus on noncompliance with gaming rules demonstrates the authority’s dedication to preserving the integrity of the gaming industry.

Green Feather Online, a prominent player in the online gaming industry, has announced that it would cease operations immediately. The firm had been running prominent platforms like as,,,,, and under a B2C Gaming Service Licence in Malta. However, the MGA’s decision to suspend the operator’s license was made in response to a number of transgressions, the most of which were around the failure to provide critical financial information to the regulator.

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The MGA’s investigation into Green Feather’s activities uncovered violations of many provisions of the country’s Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations. Notably, Article 41(1) of the Gaming Authorisations and Compliance Directive requires management accounts for the first half of the fiscal year to be submitted on time. Failure to meet this condition before the end of the ninth month resulted in the suspension.

Furthermore, Article 41(2)(a) became applicable, requiring licensees to produce audited financial accounts within 180 days of the fiscal year’s end. Green Feather’s inability to follow this order inflamed the MGA’s conclusion even more.

With its license now suspended, Green Feather Online must immediately cease all gaming activities. The operator, on the other hand, is required to save all client information and return any overdue credit to players. An avenue for appeal against the ban remains available for Green Feather. The operator can use this legal channel to present its case and perhaps have the suspension removed.

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The MGA’s harsh actions expanded beyond Green Feather, with SFJL Holding Limited bearing the burden of noncompliance as well. This company’s license was also suspended due to violations of critical regulations governing major changes in the firm. The MGA’s emphasis on timely reporting to the regulator in the face of such developments demonstrates the authority’s dedication to openness and accountability.

In another recent event, the MGA revoked EGMIT Elite Limited‘s B2C gaming service license. EGMIT Elite faced charges of several violations of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations while operating its Elite24bet site under the license. The MGA’s measures went beyond simply suspending the license; the regulator took the situation a step further by filing a police case against the operator and commencing liquidation procedures.

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