Bulgaria Restricts Employment of Self-Excluded Individuals within Casinos

Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency (NRA) has implemented strict legislation requiring gaming operators to exclude self-excluded individuals from visiting casinos and gambling halls. The decision is part of the agency’s continuous efforts to ensure the highest levels of compliance and responsible gambling in the country’s gaming industry.

In accordance with Bulgarian gaming legislation, operators who violate this new rule face a significant penalty of up to BGN20,000 (£8,800/€10,200/$11,200). This robust position demonstrates the government’s dedication to protecting the integrity of its gaming legislation.

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The NRA’s declaration was prompted by an increase in inquiries about the hiring of those who are already on the self-exclusion list. The regulating board has stated that operators must follow the provisions of the Gambling Act, regardless of whether the individual is an employee or a client of a gambling facility.

The gambling legislation in Bulgaria puts a complete set of limitations on admission to gaming halls and casinos. Individuals on the self-exclusion registry, as well as those under the age of 18, and those wearing uniforms, are strictly barred. Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as those carrying guns, are likewise prohibited under the legislation.

Bulgaria’s self-exclusion list was reactivated in mid-December 2022, after a two-year break owing to legislative changes. This crucial tool enables users to voluntarily suspend their access to gambling services for a certain period of time, which must be at least two years. Those who seek to be removed from the list ahead of time may do so with the permission of the NRA’s executive director.

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The self-exclusion list remains private, with only a few members of the NRA and approved gaming operators having access to it. This private technique guarantees that persons seeking self-exclusion keep their privacy, protecting their personal information from unwanted exposure.

The tremendous reaction to the reestablished self-exclusion list reflects Bulgaria’s commitment to responsible gaming. Since the program’s relaunch in December 2022, a considerable number of people—7,200 to be exact—have freely registered in it. This passionate response demonstrates the effectiveness of such programs in establishing a safer and more responsible gaming environment.

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