Ventura County Man Hits Jackpot at Chumash Casino Resort

Chumash Casino Resort, located in the heart of Ventura County, witnessed another life-changing moment when a lucky guest named Don W. won a roughly $138,000 jackpot. The spectacular triumph occurred on July 26 during a game of four-card poker, leaving Don and his wife speechless at their remarkable fortune.

Don W. pulled a royal flush in four-card poker in what can only be characterized as a “unforgettable hand,” making for a thrilling occasion at the Chumash Casino Resort. The thrills didn’t stop there, as Don had also put a unique $1 side wager, which qualified him for the “Multi-Progressive Table Games” prize.

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The jackpot bells screamed loud and clear as the cards aligned. Don’s wins totaled an astonishing $137,921, making his trip to the casino an unforgettable event.

Don, overcome with emotion, shared the occasion with his wife, who was sitting next to him at the time of the miraculous hand. The couple want to divide their winnings among their seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, assuring that the money will create lasting memories for their loved ones.

This isn’t the first time Don and his wife have had good fortune at the Chumash Casino Resort. Don’s wife won a $35,000 lottery jackpot a decade ago, a windfall that allowed them to replace their windows. They are now in the midst of another fortuitous event that offers them much joy and entertainment.

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Recently, the Chumash Casino Resort has seen some incredible prizes. A month earlier, another Ventura County individual claimed a record-breaking $1.36 million jackpot, securing the casino’s title as the highest payout in its history. Furthermore, the lucky recipient had already won a big $556,000 prize, making it a stunning stroke of luck.

Chumash Casino Resort, nestled in the scenic environment of Ventura County, remains a popular gaming destination. With a reputation for hosting life-changing prizes and a variety of exhilarating games, the resort continues to attract guests looking for their own lucky break.

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