Winning the Game of Life: Daniel Cates’ Podcast on Success, Growth, Health, Poker and More

Daniel Cates, better known as Jungleman in the poker world, is not only a highly successful high-stakes poker professional and crypto entrepreneur but also the host of one of the most popular poker-centered podcasts, “Winning the Game of Life.” In this podcast, Cates interviews intriguing individuals who share a common interest in poker and helping others. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including life lessons from poker, achieving success, personal growth, mental health, diet and fitness, parenthood, philanthropy, and effective altruism. With its engaging content, “Winning the Game of Life” has gained a significant following since its first episode aired in September 2022.

Nr.1 Phil Hellmuth

The first episode of “Winning the Game of Life” featured none other than Phil Hellmuth, a legendary figure in the poker world. Hellmuth recently extended his record for the most World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet wins to 17. Since that inaugural episode, Daniel Cates has published a total of 62 episodes on Apple Podcasts, captivating listeners with his insightful interviews and compelling discussions.

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Recent Episodes and Guests

In the past year, “Winning the Game of Life” has featured a diverse array of guests and covered a wide range of poker-related topics. Here are some of his most recent episodes:

  1. Master Your Mental Game To Master POKER! with Melanie Weisner – Melanie Weisner, an accomplished American professional poker player, joined Daniel Cates in this episode. Weisner shared her experiences in the world of poker and discussed topics such as mental game mastery, coaching approaches, dating, consent, and the role of social media. The conversation delved into various aspects of life beyond the poker table, providing valuable insights for listeners.
  2. Kara Scott Talks Skinny Dipping, Martial Arts, and Playing Poker on Vibes with Kara Scott – Kara Scott, a prominent Canadian-born poker personality, engaged in an entertaining and candid discussion with Daniel Cates. They explored Scott’s experiences in the poker industry, from her early days as a presenter and co-host to her transition into becoming an ambassador for 888poker. The conversation touched on various subjects, including reminiscing about old times, facing difficulties, Muay Thai, and the art of interviewing.
  3. Does Trash Talk Increase Your Win Rate in POKER!? with Nik Airball – Nik Airball, a well-known professional poker player, sat down with Daniel Cates to discuss the impact of trash talk on one’s win rate in poker. They explored Airball’s journey in the game, his experiences, and the importance of having fun at the table. The episode shed light on the role of psychology and social dynamics in poker.
  4. Crushing It at the POKER Table and Calling Out the Cheaters with Jeremy Ausmus – Jeremy Ausmus, a high-stakes professional poker player who added his sixth career bracelet win at this year’s WSOP, shared his insights and experiences with Daniel Cates. They delved into Ausmus’ successful career, his approach to the game, and the issue of cheating in poker. The episode offered valuable perspectives on maintaining integrity and fair play in the poker world.
  5. A Comeback To Become One of The BIGGEST WINNERS In Online POKER History with Jonathan “Apestyles” Van Fleet – Jonathan Van Fleet, widely known as Apestyles, joined Daniel Cates to discuss his journey as an online poker player. Van Fleet shared his experiences, from the early days of online poker to his comeback as one of the biggest winners in online poker history. The episode touched on topics such as addiction, healthy living, and the art of teaching poker.

Winning the Game of Life

“Winning the Game of Life” with Daniel Cates offers a unique and engaging perspective on the world of poker. Through insightful interviews with prominent players and personalities, the podcast explores the intersections of poker, personal growth, and success in various aspects of life. With a diverse range of guests and thought-provoking discussions, Cates continues to captivate his audience, making “Winning the Game of Life” a must-listen for poker enthusiasts and individuals seeking inspiration beyond the felt. Tune in every Saturday for a new episode filled with wisdom, laughter, and valuable life lessons.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Daniel Cates, in particular his early years in poker, the following might interest you. Recorded almost thirteen years ago, here is a two part interview series with this poker celebrity:

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