Exploring Denmark’s Position in European Gambling Expenditure. Where does Denmark Stands?

Denmark ranked 12th in Europe with an average adult gaming spend of DKK 2,350 ($345) in 2022. Iceland dominated the area with DKK 3,300 ($484) in average spending per adult, despite having the lowest average spending per adult among the Nordic nations. Ireland, on the other hand, came in first place in Europe with approximately DKK 4,000 ($587) per person.

Denmark ranked fourth in Europe for the prevalence of internet gambling, with online gambling accounting for 60% of all gaming activity. The Danish Gambling Authority made a point of emphasizing that it regulates the offline as well as internet gambling industries, including casinos and gaming halls.

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Despite the popularity of internet gambling, Danish Gambling Authority Director Anders Dorph emphasized the necessity of regulating the offline gambling industry. He said, “Despite the majority of Danish gambling taking place online, it is essential for us to continue regulating the physical gambling market, including casinos and gaming halls, to ensure compliance with the law.”

Spending Habits and Comparisons with Nordic Peers in European Gambling

Data from the StopSpillet hotline shows that despite Denmark’s tough gambling laws, the majority of people seeking assistance for gambling issues began gambling before the legal age of 18.

The newly published research, “Gambling Market in Figures 2022,” gave a thorough analysis of the Danish gaming sector. The amount of money Danish gamblers spent, the number of people listed in the self-exclusion registry (ROFUS), and popular games were all covered. Regulators and other industry stakeholders may learn a lot from the research about current trends.

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The Danish Gambling Authority joined the United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports and has been actively interested in preserving the integrity of sports under its regulatory authority. The authority has recently got a ruling from the Danish National Tax Tribunal that exempted it from stricter confidentiality laws while still requiring it to uphold general confidentiality requirements to safeguard sensitive data.

This research provides insight into the characteristics of the Danish gambling market, emphasizing the prevalence of online gambling, consumer spending habits, and regulatory initiatives to promote ethical and open gaming.

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